“Teen Wolf” 6×09 Review: Memory Found

With this being the final season of Teen Wolf, I knew the possibility of having flashbacks of previous moments on the show would happen. I just didn’t know when it would happen. However, I knew whenever it would happen, it would hit me hard in the feels… and boy was I right! Instead of recapping last week’s Teen Wolf, I’d like to review it because the flashbacks they used and the performances in “Memory Found” are worth talking about.

The show decided to use the characters best moments with Stiles to open a rift and bring him back. In order to do that, Scott and Malia had to be put in the freezer chamber that Parrish uses to get their heart rate down and be put in a trance. Lydia on the other hand, had to be hypnotized because a banshee can’t handle being frozen to death like werewolves can. We’ll sort of. Scott and Malia struggled a bit.

Teen Wolf Memory Found Scott McCall Stiles Stilinski
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Scott struggled the most trying to pinpoint one memory to focus on Stiles, which is understandable given he’s had the longest relationship with Stiles. Small clips and a lot of voiceovers were used for Scott’s memories, which I thought was smart. Although I would have liked to seen all those memories for longer than a second, it was a great idea because Sciles has years worth of memories. If they played every memory, the show would have lasted past midnight.

Teen Wolf Motel California Scott McCall Stiles Stilinski
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There were only two full Sciles flashbacks and they were two of the most significant moments in their relationship. The first flashback was the night of a full moon and Stiles was mad at Scott for kissing Lydia. Scott knew he messed up by not telling Stiles about the kiss and he wanted to fix it. However, at that moment he knew there wasn’t anything he could do or say to fix it with the full moon. The second flashback was when Stiles stepped in gasoline with Scott who had an open road flare stick, ready to kill himself after hallucinating under the influence of the wolfsbane in Coach Finstock’s whistle. Stiles saw the struggle Scott was dealing with and he didn’t hesitate to join him because as Stiles told him, “So if you’re gonna do this, then I think you’re just going to have to take me with you.”

These two are brothers. They’ve been through so much together. Granted, they might not have agreed on some of the same things, but they never failed to be by each other’s side. They faced every obstacle together instead of apart and they always had each other’s backs. Whoever decided on selecting these memories for Scott to remember Stiles, they couldn’t have picked two better moments than these two.

Teen Wolf Memory Found Stiles Stilinski Malia Tate
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Next was Malia’s flashback and it hit me harder than I expected. Truthfully, I never liked Malia and Stiles romantically. It’s not that it didn’t make sense to me or that they aren’t cute, but they did have their cute moments. However, for me personally, Stiles and Lydia made more sense together. I’ll elaborate on that later.

Malia’s flashback was when Stiles had to leave her to protect and save his friends as he was the only who wasn’t affected by the wolfsbane the chemist put in the ink the students dabbed their thumbs in before taking the PSATs. In that moment, Malia didn’t know what was going to happen to her, to Stiles, or her friends. She might have thought she was going to die that night, and all she cared about was Stiles not coming back for her.

I guess I should have known that was going to be her memory of Stiles, but I didn’t. I’m glad it was though because Malia was a werecoyote for years. Stiles was the first person who cared about her and was there for her when she shifted back to human. The memory that was used for Malia to remember Stiles was the moment we realized she was afraid to lose someone else she loved in her life. She had already lost her family and she didn’t want to use Stiles. It was the perfect Stalia memory for this episode.

Teen Wolf Memory Found Stiles Stilinski Lydia Martin
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I’m not surprised Lydia was the last to one to pick a memory to remember Stiles, as the saying goes “save the best for last.” I tried so hard to prepare myself for the emotional rollercoaster that would come when Lydia remembers Stiles, especially since it was shown in the promo what memory Lydia would have. I even stocked up on tissues for the waterworks that were sure to come. Guess what? It didn’t work because I had never cried so much in my life while watching this show. And yes, I cried more about this than I cried for Allison’s death and I cried a lot when that happened.

Like Scott, Lydia had a lot of memories but there was only two that stood out the most for her. The first memory was when she kissed Stiles after having a panic attack. She kissed him because she read somewhere holding your breath can stop a panic attack. It was the moment everything changed. The second memory was being with Stiles before The Ghost Riders took him away and the last thing he told her was, “Remember I love you.” These two memories made sense for Lydia to have because it shows how far these two have come since the beginning of the show. Stiles was in love with Lydia and she had no idea who he was. They slowly got to know each other and became friends. Then gradually their friendship developed to something more. It’s shows how love slowly but surely develops in the best way possible. To be strangers, who become friends, and end up being best friends who fell in love, is kind of the perfect love story. At least for these two, it is.

Teen Wolf Memory Found Malia Tate
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The thing about these three characters going through such an emotional hurdle, it shows how important one person is and how that person made a difference in their lives. Tyler Posey, Shelley Hennig, and Holland Roden were truly phenomenal with their performances in this episode. Scott was overwhelmed with so many memories and didn’t know which one to pick, which caused him to be scared he might not be able to remember and bring his best friend back. Malia realized as much as she loved Stiles and needed her anchor back, she realized Lydia has a stronger connection with Stiles than she does with him. Lydia is absolutely devastated she never got the chance to tell Stiles she loves him too and doesn’t know if it’s too late now. You could see the hurt and pain in their eyes. The tears were genuine and realistic, which is why this episode was so good. The emotions brought to the screen were the emotions the fans no doublt felt too.

Teen Wolf Memory Found Theo Raeken Liam Dunbar
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Lastly, while the trio was working on remembering Stiles, Liam and Theo were the distraction. They were to lure The Ghost Riders to chase after them instead of finding Scott, Lydia, and Malia who were trying to open a rift. Lately, we’ve seen scenes between Liam and Theo who were against each other but sort of trying to be on the same side as well. In “Memory Found” we finally see them working together as a team regardless of the bad blood between them and it was so funny to see!

Teen Wolf Memory Found Theo Raeken Liam Dunbar
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Dylan Sprayberry and Cody Christian have this comical chemistry that works so well for their characters. I’m sure it has to do with the fact that these two guys are really good friends in real life, but it was exactly what this episode needed with the emotional roller coaster Posey, Hennig, and Roden’s characters were putting us through. I want to see more of Sprayberry and Christian together, especially since Liam and Theo put their differences aside and fought side by side against The Ghost Riders. However, it’s hard to tell when we’ll get that again as Theo used himself as bait to fight off The Ghost Riders and scarified himself to be taken to save Liam.

The winter finale of Teen Wolf airs Tuesday night on MTV at 8/9c.

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