‘Teen Wolf’ 6×08 Recap: Blitzkrieg

At the beginning of the season, we were introduced to a new character, Mr. Douglas, who is the new teacher at Beacon Hills High School. It was no secret he is a supernatural creature. However, we didn’t know exactly what he is or his story. Until last week’s Teen Wolf finally explained Mr. Douglas’ history and revealed what he’s planning on doing now.

Teen Wolf Blitzkrieg Mr. Garrett Douglas
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1943 – Germany

The episode starts with a flashback where Douglas pitches the idea of creating an unstoppable army that involves The Ghost Riders. However, his fellow army buddies didn’t think he can do it because of how powerful The Ghost Riders are, but Douglas says he can make it happen when he shifts to a Lowenmensh (part-wolf, part-lion) and kills one of the army men. Later on, Mr. Douglas is leading a group of army men to hunt down The Ghost Riders and in the process finds a rift. Mr. Douglas uses one of his soldiers to go through the rift, only to learn anyone who goes through the rift will get burned alive. As his army men try to shoot The Ghost Riders down, Mr. Douglas figures out they can’t be killed, at least not with a bullet. He sees everyone get taken and when he sees he’s about to be next, he tries to escape, but he still gets hit. Except, it didn’t take him. It only gave him a small wound.

Mr. Douglas ran away until he found three scientists to help him, The Dread Doctors. They put Mr. Douglas in a tank and because The Ghost Riders’ whip didn’t go deep enough, the wound was infected with the water in the tank. It mixed with the fluid from the vat and caused him to be stronger, turning him into an Alpha, a lion, and a Ghost Rider.

Teen Wolf Blitzkrieg Mr. Garrett Douglas
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Present Day – Beacon Hills

In the process of still wanting to create his all supernatural army, Mr. Douglas needs to get through the rift first. In order to do that, he needs a hellhound because a hellhound can burn through a rift. When Argent and Melissa go back to examine one of The Ghost Riders’ dead body, Mr. Douglas shows up and threaten to hurt them if they don’t help him find a hellhound. Refusing to save Argent from getting killed, Melissa says they’ll help him. When they get to Parrish, Argent tries to take down Mr. Douglas while Melissa tries to wake up Parrish from the freezer chamber he’s in. Douglas hits both Argent and Melissa with the whip, sending them with Stiles and everyone else who’s been taken by The Ghost Riders. Mr. Douglas wakes up Parrish from his chamber and takes him to the rift, where he happens to run into Scott, Lydia, and Malia. He explains to the trio Parrish can break the rift, making them believe they’re all on the same side, until Liam shows up and explains the truth. Mr. Douglas tells Parrish to open the rift, which he does, and both go through the rift before Scott, Lydia, Malia, and Liam can go too.

Teen Wolf Blitzkrieg Lydia Martin
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Aside from Mr. Douglas’ backstory and his crazy plan of creating an all supernatural army for himself, this episode was intense, as Mason would say, because of a lot other of crazy stuff happened as well! I’ll break it down for ya.

Teen Wolf Blitzkrieg Sheriff Stiliski
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  • Sheriff Stilinski slowly starts to see Stiles’ room coming back together as he uses red string to tie around the room with Stiles’ pushpins. As Sheriff Stilinski finishes with the string, the last thing that comes back in Stiles room is a photo of Claudia and Stiles.
  • Scott plans to go through the rift and give Stiles the bite in order to bring him back. He doesn’t have another plan. However, Peter thinks it’s a terrible plan and they should all run instead.
  • Mason finds Corey’s relic, which is his cell phone filled with pictures of just the two of them.
  • Scott, Lydia, Malia find the rift underground in the tunnels first but don’t know how to break the barrier to get through until Mr. Douglas showed up with Parrish.

    Teen Wolf Blitzkrieg Theo Raeken
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  • Theo explains Mr. Douglas’ story to Liam, Mason, and Hayden in exchange for Liam to break the sword that could send him back.
  • Mason gets taken by a Ghost Rider at the police station.
  • While trying to fight the same Ghost Rider who took Mason, Hayden sacrifices herself to be taken so Liam can warn Scott about Douglas’ plan. Right before she gets taken, Liam tells her “I love you” for the first time.
  • Sheriff Stilinski tells Claudia about Stiles and shows her the room, except she doesn’t see anything. Sheriff Stilinski realizes Lydia was right and his wife isn’t real. When he remembers she passed away, Claudia is gone and Sheriff Stilinski sees a soft glow soft in Stiles’ room, which happened to be another rift.
  • Scott and Malia try to fight a Ghost Rider. The Ghost Rider hits Scott, but doesn’t get taken. Scott figures out The Ghost Rider isn’t trying to take them, he’s trying to kill them. Before they could get killed, Peter comes in and saves them. As Scott and Malia run away, Peter gets taken again.
  • As Lydia and Liam run away from The Ghost Rider Scott and Malia are fighting, they run into another Ghost Rider, only to find out he won’t go near them because he’s scared of Lydia.

    Teen Wolf Blitzkrieg Sheriff Stiliski
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  • After Scott realizes his mom has been taken, Scott, Lydia, Malia, and Liam try to figure out their next move. Just when Scott’s about to give up, Sheriff Stilinski explains he remembers his son, Michislav “Stiles” Stilinski (FINALLY STILES’ NAME IS REVEALED!!!!) and believed he saw him. Scott figures out Sheriff Stilinski saw a rift and thinks if everyone remembers everything about Stiles, they can get the rift to open again.

Teen Wolf airs Tuesday nights on MTV at 9/8c.

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