‘Teen Wolf’ 6×02 Recap: Superposition

Last week’s episode was the first episode without Dylan O’Brien. It was kind of sad and honestly, weird not seeing Stiles Stilinski running around Beacon Hills with his trusty baseball bat along side his supernatural friends. Although, I wasn’t the only one who felt this way, Scott, Malia, and Lydia all felt like something, or rather someone, was missing.

Throughout the entire episode, the trio experience different realizations where something doesn’t seem right. I’d like to go over all the moments each character went through that made them feel like something is missing.

Teen Wolf Superposition Scott McCall
“I think I had a best friend.” – Scott McCall

Scott McCall 

  • The episode starts with Scott and Liam practicing their shots on the lacrosse field. It’s late and Liam wants to leave already. However, Scott thinks Liam needs to work on his back shots because they suck. When Liam proves him wrong, Scott says, “I must’ve been thinkin’ of someone else.”
  • Scott finds a picture on the floor of his bedroom. As he pins the photo back on his corkboard, he notices someone is missing in the photo.
  • Scott passes by a locker and goes back to it, just to touch it. Later on, he attempts to break into it before the new hot teacher catches him and walks away.
  • After getting advice from Deaton to get some sleep to try and remember what his subconscious is saying, Scott goes to bed and wakes up in the middle of the woods.

Malia Tate 

Teen Wolf Superposition Malia Tate
GIF Credit: hollvndroden.tumblr.com
  • After sleeping with the new guy, Nathan, Malia feels uncomfortable in bed, until she becomes the big spoon. (Not sure if this counts, but I think it does.)
  • She uses a yellow highlighter on her textbook, but uses red to highlight the word ‘style’.
  • Malia’s claws make an appearance during class after her teacher returns a graded assignment with a big red ‘D’ at the top.
  • Malia wakes up in her room, which she has changed similar to a coyote’s den, and picks up some familiar chains. She then calls Lydia for help. Malia is losing control and remembers someone helping her to stay in control, but doesn’t know who since it’s not Scott or Lydia.
Teen Wolf Superposition Lydia Martin
“I’ve been looking for him all day. Whoever it is, I think I loved him.” – Lydia Martin

Lydia Martin

  • Lydia wakes up and has a premonition of hearing a hitch pitch sound, a train, and a voice (which happens to be Stiles’) saying, “Do you see him?”
  • Lydia walks down the hallway and waits against a locker, looking for someone as if she’s meeting someone, but not sure who she’s suppose to meet when no one shows up.
  • Lydia has another premonition during class as she sees a woman doctor. Then she hears the exact same thing, the high pitch sound and a train passing by.
  • Lydia’s last premonition is reliving her last moment with Stiles as she’s running away from the school and The Ghost Riders. She hears Stiles’ voice, except she still doesn’t know who it is and doesn’t see him in her premonition. Malia pulls her away from a moving car, causing Lydia to snap out of her premonition. Malia questions what she was doing. Lydia says, “trying to remember.”
Teen Wolf Superposition Lydia Martin
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In the end, Scott calls Lydia and Malia to meet him in the woods. He explains he remembers what happens in the woods his sophomore year the night before lacrosse tryouts, but doesn’t remember why he was alone looking for a dead body. After Lydia and Malia share what they’ve been going through, they realize they’re all missing the same person. They return to Deaton who has an idea for Lydia to be in a trance-like state while her hand writes what her conscience is telling her. The result? A paper scribbled with ‘mischief’ all over, but spelling out the name Stiles. The episode ends with Lydia saying, “What the hell is a Stiles?”

(Side note: ‘Mischief’ is supposed to be some sort of clue/hint for Stiles’ real name. I have no idea what it could be. Leave your guesses in the comment box below.)

Teen Wolf Superposition Corey Mason Hewitt
GIF Credit: thegayfleet.tumblr.com

While the trio is slowly getting hints to remember Stiles, Liam is dealing with a problem that involves The Ghost Riders with Mason and Corey. Liam doesn’t trust Corey because he believes Corey can’t do anything but hide and doesn’t help when trouble ensues. However, Corey’s special power of being invisible is what helps them figure out what’s going on. Liam and Corey butt heads while trying to work together, but to avoid putting Mason in between their rift, the two decide to put their differences aside and work together when one of their classmates gets taken away by one of The Ghost Riders.

Although, I’m glad to see Liam, Mason, and Corey working together, I’m a little worried about them being able to see The Ghost Riders while they were invisible. Does that count as them seeing The Ghost Riders because I’d hate to see them taken away and erased from everyone’s memory because they used Corey’s invisibility to remember and figure out what happened to their classmate.

A familiar face returns…

Coach Finstock is back and I couldn’t be happier! During the second half of season five, Orny Adams only guest starred in one episode, which in my opinion wasn’t enough. I absolutely love Coach Finstock because he’s such a huge comical relief, which is exactly what we needed in this episode after not having Stiles. Here are all Coach Finstock hilarious moments in episode 6×02.

Teen Wolf Superposition Mason Hewitt Coach Finstock Corey
GIF Credit: scottsmccall.tumblr.com

Coach Finstock: Get the hell out of here. Go have lives. Your teenage years are not the time for academic achievement.

Mason: Yes, they are.

Coach Finstock: That’s a lie sold to you by the government. Go find some girls, get into trouble. Live a little.

Corey: We’re gay.

Coach Finstock: Even better. Go gays!

Teen Wolf Superposition Liam Dunbar
GIF Credit: scottysmccall.tumblr.com

Coach Finstock: Let’s go, gather around. Listen up. Thanks to McCall’s selfish desire to focus on his “grades” and his “graduation,” we are leaderless. You want to be a champion, wanna be a hero? Now’s your shot.

Teen Wolf Superposition Coach Finstock Scott McCall Liam Dunbar
GIF Credit: lydiamccall.tumblr.com

Coach Finstock: Definitely not Captain material there, Dumb-bar.

Liam: “Dunbar”

Coach Finstock: Yeah. That’s what I said.


Coach Finstock to Liam: And you, I’m lookin’ forward to crushing that little adorable baby face of yours.


Teen Wolf Superposition Coach Finstock
GIF Credit: dylansprayberrysource.tumblr.com

Coach Finstock: What is it, Dunbar? I’m busy online.

Liam: I wanna sign up for Team Captain.

Coach Finstock: Yeah, it’s too late. I said end of the day.

Liam: You didn’t say the end of the school day. 

Coach Finstock: Hey. What changed your mind?

Liam: I held a guy’s hand.

Coach Finstock: I get it. I totally get it.

An all new episode of Teen Wolf airs tonight on MTV at 9/8c.

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