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The Wonder Years: St Valentine’s Day Massacare

The episode starts where we left off in the previous episode:  Kevin tells Winne he knows that she likes him because Paul told him. Winnie subsequently angrily slams the door on Kevin. Winnie then proceeds to shut Kevin school the next day and has her friends talk on her behalf whenever Kevin tries to approach […]

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Wonder Years: “She, My Friend, and I”

After a brief hiatus from watching The Wonder Years, I’m back with a recap on the last episode I had watched: “She, My Friend, and I.” Despite the fact that this is another episode featuring Kevin in a love triangle (he ends up in so many it seems), the episode did a great job in providing […]

The Wonder Years “On the Spot”

The Wonder Years digresses from its usual episode format with “On the Spot “ In this episode, Kevin primarily narrates and observes Winnie’s struggles rather than his own. I enjoyed the episode for what it was. However, I did miss experiencing Kevin’s woes, which usually lead to comical but enlightening thoughts. Winnie’s problems center on […]

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The Wonder Years Season Two Finale

It is the last day of seventh grade and Kevin is excited about the prospects for summer vacation.  He has it all planned out – biking and camping with Paul, and finding ways to spend time with Winnie. Sure, Winnie and he had a tumultuous relationship the past year due to gossip and misunderstandings, but […]


The Wonder Years: “Nemesis”

Winnie Cooper has not been in the last several episodes (not since the love triangle debacle between her, Kevin, and Kirk in  “Just Between Me and You and Kirk and Paul…” (See my review here:  I have been actually okay with that. Those of you who have been following my reviews know that I […]


Wonde Years: Just Between You and Me and Kirk…

  One phrase can succinctly describe Kevin’s thoughts and experiences during this episode: “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.”  Throughout the episode, Kevin encounters perplexing situations with the women in his life, and cannot use his thought process and behavior as a model to explain why the girls act and behave the way […]


Friends and first kisses: how “Boy Meets World” and “Wonder Years” explore teenage love

 In this new feature, writers Amy and Sarita have a discussion about Boy Meets World and Wonder Years, and how both series explored teenage love differently. Look for more features like this in the future.  Amy and Sarita: A first kiss is special, whether it is the very first kiss in one’s life or a first kiss […]

Wonder Years: Steady As She Goes

What do you do when everyone starts dating except you?  Particularly your best friend, who you relied on for companionship, and who had previously no dating record, but now is in relationship and has no time for you? These are the questions that Kevin is asking, as he suddenly finds himself as the sole single […]

Wonder Years: The Heart of Darkness

Source: Google Images I returned to graduate school in 2011 after six years out of school, and I was surprised that the most difficult part of school was not in returning to the routine of doing homework assignments and sitting for hour and a half lectures, but was in making friends and trying to fit […]