Will & Grace “Grandpa Jack” Recap: There’s a new kid in town!

Will & Grace is great at making people laugh. The cast has great chemistry with one another and they deliver the punch lines at the perfect moment. It’s what makes Will & Grace one of the best comedy sitcoms on television right now. However, every now and then, the show will have a serious episode […]

“11 Years Later” Will & Grace Pilot Review: They’re back!

When a show ends its run, no one in their wildest dreams expects it to return, especially 11 years later. After NBC’s Will & Grace reunited for a #VoteHoney campaign video for the presidential election, fans were thrilled to have their favorite characters back for a few minutes minutes. When NBC saw the positive feedback […]

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Judging Series Finales

I’ve been thinking about tv series finales a lot recently because two of my favorite shows went off air within a month of each other (Parks and Recreation, Parenthood), and another great series (which I still need to watch) also ends soon (Mad Men).  I loved how Parks and Parenthood ended. Both had well-written finales […]