Teen Wolf Again Images Brett Tablot

“Teen Wolf” 6×12 Recap: After Images

THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS! Recap Lori goes to Scott when she realizes Brett never came home and he’s hurt, as she found his lacrosse stick covered with his blood. Immediately, all hands are on deck and Liam takes charge. Given everything that’s been happening in Beacon Hills lately, he’s worried about Brett’s safety and is […]

Teen Wolf Memory Found Scott McCall

“Teen Wolf” 6×09 Review: Memory Found

With this being the final season of Teen Wolf, I knew the possibility of having flashbacks of previous moments on the show would happen. I just didn’t know when it would happen. However, I knew whenever it would happen, it would hit me hard in the feels… and boy was I right! Instead of recapping […]

Teen Wolf Lies of Omission Stiles Stilinski Scott McCall

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Lies of Omission

                                        “My asthma is back. I’m not sure how, but it came back. Just as bad as it used to be. So now, I keep my inhaler on me all of the time. Just like I […]

Teen Wolf Ouroboros Scott McCall

Teen Wolf ‘Ouroboros’ Recap: Scott McCall’s Guilt

During last week’s episode, Scott and the pack used Hayden as bait to lure The Dread Doctors into the school and possibly catch one, without Hayden and Liam’s knowledge or consent. The episode ended with The Dread Doctors taking both Hayden and Liam. Liam was on the floor with something injected into his arm, while […]

TEEN WOLF Watch Your Pack – ATX TV Festival Panel Recap

Just before Fast Passes were released for Weekend badge holders, ATX TV Festival announced MTV’s Teen Wolf would be there with a panel of their own to talk about their upcoming season, which will premiere later this month. I was beyond thrilled. I instantly knew I couldn’t miss it even if it interfered with another […]

Teen Wolf Review: A Fallen Hero Gone Too Soon

Now that Teen Wolf has officially finished its Season 3B run, I feel like I can now talk about the major death that happened in last week’s episode. By now, almost EVERYONE knows who the fallen hero is, but in case you’re one of the people who’s actually somehow managed to stay away from the […]