unnatural season three

The Wonder Years: The Unnatural

I’ve missed writing about The Wonder Years. I haven’t recapped The Wonder Years since February. One of the reasons I took a short hiatus was writer’s block. I couldn’t find the correct words to capture the episode’s meaning. I’ve run into this issue several times now over the course of my watching this show (hence my […]

coach revival

TV Trends I don’t Understand

If I could run the TV industry, I would run it very differently. Click here for my wish list if I had my ideal TV world. Since I don’t manage tv decisions, however, I’m left scratching my head on some of the TV industry’s choices and trends. Below are some of the things I just […]

winnie cooper valentine

The Wonder Years: St Valentine’s Day Massacare

The episode starts where we left off in the previous episode:  Kevin tells Winne he knows that she likes him because Paul told him. Winnie subsequently angrily slams the door on Kevin. Winnie then proceeds to shut Kevin school the next day and has her friends talk on her behalf whenever Kevin tries to approach […]

Paul Winnie Kevin

Wonder Years: “She, My Friend, and I”

After a brief hiatus from watching The Wonder Years, I’m back with a recap on the last episode I had watched: “She, My Friend, and I.” Despite the fact that this is another episode featuring Kevin in a love triangle (he ends up in so many it seems), the episode did a great job in providing […]

wonder years grandpa arnold

The Wonder Years: Fathers and Sons

One of the things that I like about The Wonder Years is that you don’t always see a resolution to a conflict.   Too many times, television shows try to package a problem and solution within a half hour or hour. This formula is highly unrealistic. In real life, solutions don’t just pop up. Not everyone […]

linda the wonder years

The Wonder Years: Linda is Miss Right

I wish I had seen this episode as a teenager because it is a good lesson on what young adults do wrong when chasing their love interests. I’m not sure if I would have fully comprehended or applied the lessons in my life, but I would have least had some different perspective on the typical […]

Kevin Arnold Band

The Wonder Years: “Rock n’ Roll”

For the most part, The Wonder Years has maintained good pacing in its episodes. Even with the filler episodes, I never felt anything lacking or overdone. I was therefore surprised at how short this episode “Rock n Roll “ felt. The episode focused on Kevin’s dream to be in a rock band, a theme consistent with […]

mr collins the wonder years

Wonder Years: “Math Class Squared”

I held off watching this episode for awhile after reading the Netflix synopsis of the episode: To try and get ahead in math class, Kevin decides to cheat on his test, leading only to bigger problems.  After seeing Kevin struggle in math earlier this season (see refresher here) and then ask for help (which was […]

the pimple kevin arnold

The Wonder Years: “The Pimple”

This episode was absolutely hilarious. I was laughing throughout the episode,  which is rare when I watch the show. Normally, the episodes have a good blend of sentimentality, drama, and comedy, so the laughs are once in a while. In this instance,  every scene was humorous as I watched Kevin try to navigate his first […]

jack arnold family car

The Wonder Years : “The Family Car”

I somehow always relate very well to the Jack Arnold centric episodes. In Season One’s “My Father’s Office,” viewers learn that Jack had once considered an alternate career path, one that would have been in line with his interests and made him happier than the office job he ended up taking. At the time I […]