The Vampire Diaries I'm Thinking of You All the While Elena Gilbert

TVD Season Finale Recap: Goodbye Elena

The Vampire Diaries season finale was last week and I still can’t get over the shocking and unexpected twist I’m sure no one saw coming. After Kai’s grand entrance to his twin sister’s wedding, Elena did not wake up, but she wasn’t dead either. Damon took her to the hospital to learn there is nothing […]

TVD Recap: Will Delena get their happily ever after?

With Nina Dobrev leaving this week, it’s no surprise the past few episodes have been focusing more on Elena, her fate, and her relationship with Damon. Truthfully, as much as I hate to see Dobrev go, I love the Elena centric plot. Since my last TVD recap, Elena’s fate of living an immortal life has […]

The Vampire Diaries I Could Never Love Like That Elena Gilbert

TVD ‘I Could Never Love Like That’ Recap: Has Elena’s fate been hinted?

If you haven’t already heard the devastating news, Nina Dobrev and Michael Trevino have decided to leave The Vampire Diaries once the season ends. (Why is everyone leaving this show?!) Honestly, I’m a little bummed about both of them leaving, but more so about Nina. Elena Gilbert can sometimes be annoying, stubborn, clingy, but she’s […]

The Vampire Diaries The Downward Spiral Caroline Forbes

The Vampire Diaries Recap: Humanity Problems

I’ll be honest the latest two episodes of TVD weren’t exactly the best. They were kind of slow and slightly boring. They weren’t worth writing an entire post for each episode, so I decided to combine the two together. Episode 16: The Downward Spiral Recap: In this episode, which was directed by TVD’s very own […]

The Vampire Diaries Let Her Go Damon Salvatore

TVD Recap: Let Her Go

Warning: This post contains videos from the episode. If you have not seen the episode “Let Her Go” and wish to be spoiler free, do not play the videos below. Flipping the Switch Caroline organized to have her mother’s funeral faster than expected. Like the good friends that she has, they all helped, and got […]

The Vampire Diaries Stay

TVD “Stay” Recap: Saying Goodbye

If you have not seen the latest TVD episode, please do not continue to read. This post contains SPOILERS!   The promo for this episode said, “One chapter ends, another begins.” It couldn’t have been anymore accurate. In Thursday’s episode, TVD says goodbye to not one, but TWO characters, Little Jeremy Gilbert and Sheriff Liz […]

The Vampire Diaries The Day I Tried to Live Bonnie Bennett

TVD “The Day I Tried to Live” Recap: Happy Birthday Bonnie

After a couple of episodes of not seeing our favorite witch, we finally got one! It was a good episode, intense, and truthfully a little heart breaking. Almost like every TVD episode. It’s Bonnie’s birthday and although she’s in another universe, her birthday should be celebrated. The episode started off that way. Elena brought the […]

The Vampire Diaries Prayer for the Dying Kai Parker

TVD “ Prayer for the Dying” Recap: Life’s Too Short

People are constantly telling others “live life to the fullest”, “stop and smell the roses”, “live like you were dying”, or this popular phrase, “life’s too short”. All of these sayings (and to all the many other ones I didn’t list) are right. Sometimes something happens in our lives that make us realize life is […]

The Vampire Diaries Recap: Woke Up with a Monster

The Vampire Diaries returned Thursday night from its winter hiatus and although I’m very excited the show is back, I wasn’t exactly thrilled with its returning episode. Before Thursday night’s episode, Kai stole the magic that kept all supernatural from Mystic Falls. With all that magic, Kai has to learn how to use it correctly […]

The Vampire Diaries Christmas Through Your Eyes Sheriff Liz Forbes Caroline Forbes

TVD Recap: Refresh your minds before TVD returns this Thursday!

I hope you guys enjoyed your winter break from school and/or work, I know I have. As much as I don’t want my winter break to end, I’m so glad all my shows are coming back from almost a month long hiatus. TVD returns tomorrow night and I though I’d refresh your minds by recapping […]