Our Favorite TV Shows in 2014

This year most of our contributors sent in a top ten list of their favorite TV shows of 2014. We got a wide array of programming, and due to the way the point system worked out, a show that someone picked as their number one favorite beat out several shows multiple people included further down […]

alicia and dean in the good wife

The Good Wife, “Dear God” Review

The Good Wife loves its unreliable narrators. Last season’s memorable “The Decision Tree” and many other episodes played with memory: the way it distorts in our minds after we’ve lived with it for a while, the way it is colored and shaped by who we’ve become after that memory. Unreliable narrators, it could be said, […]

April Recommendations!

As spring approaches, you’re probably itching to get outside after being cooped up all winter. Or, if you’re like me, and your fine alabaster skin melts at the site of the sun and you’re looking for things to do indoors, well you’re in luck. The following are just a few recommendations to get you through […]