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Sweet/Vicious: Season 1 Review

Jennifer Kaytin Robinson’s original vision for her new MTV show Sweet/Vicious comes from a question: “What if Tarantino wrote Girls?” From this point she succeeds greatly in creating a world where a young sexual assault survivor (Jules) has all the means to help enact revenge on the men who put others in situations like the […]


Awkward. Recap: “Home Again, Home Again”

It hadn’t live tweeted an episode of Awkward. in a long time and I thought I’d do it with last week’s episode to change things up a little with the recap. As most of you know, you can only tweet 140 characters at a time and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to […]

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Chicago P.D. – “A Night Owl” Recap

Have you ever wondered what your college professor’s life is like or if he or she is living a secret double life? Well, that’s what this week’s episode of Chicago P.D. digs into. “A Night Owl” allows us see what happens when a college professor gets caught up in that secret life and gets into […]


Constantine, “Pilot” Review

Oh, DC Comics.  Sometimes, you really do know how to knock it out of the park.  Constantine is based on Hellblazer (spun out of DC’s Vertigo line of comics) and DC’s new 52 comic Constantine. It follows the adventures of John Constantine, a British exorcist who fights demons.  John is not a nice man. He […]

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The Good Wife, “Dear God” Review

The Good Wife loves its unreliable narrators. Last season’s memorable “The Decision Tree” and many other episodes played with memory: the way it distorts in our minds after we’ve lived with it for a while, the way it is colored and shaped by who we’ve become after that memory. Unreliable narrators, it could be said, […]

Being Mary Jane Pilot Review

BET and Mara Brock Akil have a new hit on its hands with Being Mary Jane. Gabrielle Union stars in the series as the successful television anchor, Mary Jane Paul. She is smart, talented, sexy and lonely. In the pilot episode, Mary Jane opens her door to Andre Daniels (Omari Hardwick), sometime after midnight. She […]


The Newsroom Recap: “The Genoa Tip”

Broody Will McAvoy and his band of awkward and self-destructive news reporters are back and sulkier than ever in last night’s episode of The Newsroom titled “The Genoa Tip”! Mind you, that lead in sounds awfully glum, but the episode was actually pretty rad. Make sure to either check it out or read this recap! […]

“Nashville” Recap: When You’re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts

Hearts were certainly breaking in this week’s episode, and it was the perfect way to come back after a very long hiatus. Nashville isn’t always off to a juicy start, but this week’s episode foreshadowed how much heartache we were to expect within the first seven minutes. The show kicked off with Deacon struggling with […]

‘Awkward.’ Season 1 Review

When I first saw the promos for Awkward in 2011, I was not interested at all. I thought it would be another lame show on MTV that would fail. Seeing a girl walking around in a cast did not catch my attention, so I passed on the show. Two years later, I saw on twitter […]