Teen Wolf Malia Tate Lydia Martin Scott McCall

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Memory Lost

  Y’all, I have been dreading this moment for a long time. Never in my wildest dreams did I think a show I fell in love six years ago would start its final season this week. Although it’s the final season, a lot of fans are excited to see what will happen. I on the […]

Teen Wolf Apotheosis Scott McCall Allison Argent

Teen Wolf “Apotheosis” Recap: Plan A

The season finale for Teen Wolf was last week and it was so intense, I failed to bring my A game during the live tweeting session on our Twitter account. That’s how good the episode was. I could not keep my eyes off my TV screen and on my phone instead. I could recap the entire […]

Teen Wolf The Beast of Beacon Hills Stiles Stilinski Lydia Martin

Teen Wolf ‘The Beast of Beacon Hills’: 10 Things You Need To Know

Earlier this week MTV’s Teen Wolf aired it’s second to the last episode of the season, ‘The Beast of Beacon Hills,’ and it picks up right where it left off from last week’s episode. After finding out Liam’s best friend, Mason Hewitt, is the beast, Scott and his pack try to find Mason and save […]

Teen Wolf The Maid of Gévaudan Marie-Jeanne Valet

Teen Wolf ‘The Maid of Gévaudan’ Recap: The Beast is Revealed!

The Beast is FINALLY revealed! Major spoilers up ahead. Please don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled!!! The beast attacked Beacon Hills High School and Scott went after it, not to get killed, but to catch the beast’s scent. After an intense fight against the beast in the library, which caused Scott to show […]

Teen Wolf A Credible Threat

Teen Wolf ‘A Credible Threat’ Recap: Who is the beast?

  During last week’s episode, the Beacon Hills lacrosse team is hosting a charity game to raise money for cancer awareness. Mason figures out the beast always shows up near a transmission source. That’s why Liam and Hayden saw the beast at the cell transmission towers, why the beast attacked downtown near the radio astronomy […]

Teen Wolf Codominance Scott McCall Stiles Stilinski

Teen Wolf ‘Codominance’ Recap: Rebuilding Friendships

Last night, I live tweeted the show and it was so much fun! However, I’m now ready to use more than 140 characters and elaborate about what I love about the episode, ‘Codominace’. As we all know, the McCall pack aren’t exactly together at the moment. They’re all separated and doing their own thing. Theo broke […]

Teen Wolf The Last Chimera Stiles Stiliski

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: The Last Chimera

The show picked up right where it left off, the school sign was in the middle of the school hallway, the library was completely destroyed, and Scott was left without a pack, all thanks to Theo Raeken and The Dread Doctors. Sheriff Stiliski was being rushed into surgery, Scott was trying to heal, and Lydia […]

Teen Wolf Liam Dunbar Status Asthmaticus

Teen Wolf Mid-Season Finale: Status Asthmaticus

As predicted in last week’s recap, Liam fought against Scott to save his new girlfriend, Hayden. Hayden was slowing dying and Scott refused to give her the bite because she was already too weak and had too much mercury in her system to survive the bite. I’m glad Scott didn’t give Hayden the bite because […]

Teen Wolf Lies of Omission Stiles Stilinski Scott McCall

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Lies of Omission

                                        “My asthma is back. I’m not sure how, but it came back. Just as bad as it used to be. So now, I keep my inhaler on me all of the time. Just like I […]

Teen Wolf Ouroboros Scott McCall

Teen Wolf ‘Ouroboros’ Recap: Scott McCall’s Guilt

During last week’s episode, Scott and the pack used Hayden as bait to lure The Dread Doctors into the school and possibly catch one, without Hayden and Liam’s knowledge or consent. The episode ended with The Dread Doctors taking both Hayden and Liam. Liam was on the floor with something injected into his arm, while […]