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The Wonder Years Season Two Finale

It is the last day of seventh grade and Kevin is excited about the prospects for summer vacation.  He has it all planned out – biking and camping with Paul, and finding ways to spend time with Winnie. Sure, Winnie and he had a tumultuous relationship the past year due to gossip and misunderstandings, but […]


The Wonder Years Season Two – Favorite Episodes

I finally finished watching Season 2 of The Wonder Years (recap of the Season 2 finale to follow this week), and give it a solid A+. The show’s first and seconds seasons were not much different- and that is a good thing.  Often times between the pilot and second seasons, producers and writers makes changes […]


The Wonder Years: “Square Dance”

Thus far, both seasons of The Wonder Years have accurately depicted the various trials and tribulations of being in middle school: first crushes, school bullies, gossiping, and misunderstanding amongst friends.  The story of middle school life would not be complete, however, without a look into how peer pressure impacts how we view people, and who […]


The Wonder Years: “Brightwing”

In the latest The Wonder Years episode “Brightwing,” the show focuses on two main themes: Kevin and his sister Karen’s relationship, and Karen’s identity issues.  The writers did a great job in fleshing out the former to the front and center, while the latter is more subtly played throughout the episode. Currently, Kevin doesn’t understand Karen, […]


The Wonder Years: “Birthday Boy”

Kevin and Paul are born four days apart and usually have a joint birthday party. The episode begins with clips of these celebrations, starting with days when Kevin and Paul were babies. However, this year – the boys’ thirteenth birthdays- the celebrations will be different. Because Paul is Jewish, his thirteenth birthday means a bar […]


The Wonder Years: Loosiers

The Wonder Years’ “Loosiers” was packed with typical stereotypes of what makes childhood often times miserable: attending gym class with a dull and somewhat competition driven gym teacher, being the unatheletic “nerd” when playing team sports in class, and coping through the dreaded five minutes as you wait to be selected on a team and […]


The Wonder Years: Coda

The episode begins with Kevin sitting on his bike in front of a house.  He is wistfully looking into a living room and watches a kid playing the piano with various people surrounding the pianist.   As Kevin looks onto the performance, we hear adult Kevin reflect on the scene before us: “When you’re a little […]

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The Wonder Years: Pottery Will Get You Nowhere

The recurring theme in “The Wonder Years” is on dealing with change. Change in both the broader societal context- civil rights, politics, and space- as well as in life stages – from being a child with no care in world to being a teenager hopped on hormones and confusion. Most episodes thus far have focused […]

Wonder Years: Steady As She Goes

What do you do when everyone starts dating except you?  Particularly your best friend, who you relied on for companionship, and who had previously no dating record, but now is in relationship and has no time for you? These are the questions that Kevin is asking, as he suddenly finds himself as the sole single […]