The Flash: Season 2 – Review

Our favorite Scarlet Speedster was in full force this season with a plethora of twists and UNEXPECTED turns! There were plenty of WTF moments as well as heartbreaking scenes and events. After season one’s intense cliffhanger with the singularity, my boyfriend and I could not WAIT for season two to begin! Every Tuesday night, we […]

The Wonder-Years-Fate

The Wonder Years: “Fate”

Eddie Pinetti is the meanest boy in school, the typical bully that steals from kids and punches those who dare to fight back. He is also Winnie Cooper’s new boyfriend.   Kevin may dislike Eddie for what he does, but ultimately it is the former’s love that sets him into picking a fight with the school […]


The Wonder Years: “Walk Out”

Are kids entitled to the same rights to freedom of speech/ hold a peaceful protest as adults are granted? If so, are kids exempt from these rights while in school, given the nature of the school’s responsibility in ensuring children’s safety?  In “Walk Out”, the show takes on these questions. Kevin is unwillingly nominated to […]

The Newsroom Review: “First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All The Lawyers”

The Newsroom is back, which is something that I am pretty certain only excites me, Aaron Sorkin, and eight other viewers. If you’re one of the eight, please continue reading! If you’re not, I still encourage you to check out this review. Does “ the American Taliban” ring a bell for you? If so, I […]


The Wonder Years: Hiroshima Mon Frere

Up until now, Wayne Arnold has been a background character for most of the episodes, but the show finally spotlights him more in this episode, “Hiroshima Mon Frere.”  However, even as a background character, we could get a sense of how obnoxious he could be, especially towards Kevin.  In this episode, he is worse than […]


Wonde Years: Just Between You and Me and Kirk…

  One phrase can succinctly describe Kevin’s thoughts and experiences during this episode: “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.”  Throughout the episode, Kevin encounters perplexing situations with the women in his life, and cannot use his thought process and behavior as a model to explain why the girls act and behave the way […]

Wonder Years: Our Miss White

There are many reasons I love “Wonder Years,” but the biggest reason is how the writers have written Kevin Arnold.  He has strong feeling towards his experiences- as does any teenager – but he continually reflects on both his experiences and his reactions to those experiences, and uses those reflections to both adjust/learn from them. […]