One Day at A Time

One Day at a Time: The Best Netflix Show You didn’t See

This review is coming incredibly late, but since this is, after all, Really Late Reviews, I figured I am just keeping in line with the site’s title. In previous reviews – particularly my Fuller House ones- I have discussed my skepticism with revivals. To me, that is Hollywood’s way of saying “we’re too lazy to […]

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Sweet/Vicious: Season 1 Review

Jennifer Kaytin Robinson’s original vision for her new MTV show Sweet/Vicious comes from a question: “What if Tarantino wrote Girls?” From this point she succeeds greatly in creating a world where a young sexual assault survivor (Jules) has all the means to help enact revenge on the men who put others in situations like the […]

Game of Thrones

Game Of Thrones: Season 1’s Best Bits

Hey guys, today we are going to do a quick fire recap of season 1 of Game of Thrones. I’ll go through my favorite and saddest bits of the season. Just a heads up before we get started, this post will contain SPOILERS! So,please, if you have not seen the show and don’t want spoilers, do […]

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TV Rewatch: “Roswell” Pilot

Aaaah, Roswell, or as it was known in the late 90s and early 2000s: That other WB show that was not Dawson’s Creek. I was twelve years old when Roswell first premiered in 1999. Aside from a love for Justin Timberlake that knows no bounds, the only other thing that 1999 Gina and 2014 Gina […]

Wonder Years: The Phone Call

“Making mountains out of molehills” is the theme of this week’s episode, and what better way to illustrate this point then having an important period in the nation’s history- the moon landing- as the backdrop to make this analysis. Kevin is struggling to make his first call to a girl that he likes in his […]

Wonder Years: Angel

The episode begins with pictures and film of Kevin’s parents getting married and starting a family, with a voiceover from Kevin narrating the following: “When my parents started out together, everybody still listened to the Andrews Sisters. Everybody was having babies, and everybody liked Ike. Everybody knew that if they just worked hard and did […]

Wonder Years: My Father’s Office

I have been enjoying all the “Wonder Years” episodes so far, but this one in particular has been particularly enjoyable for me because of how much I related to the themes. I was not relating to it from the childhood standpoint –although there were a few elements of the episode that triggered memories about my […]