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Comfort TV and Movies

Sometimes, only television and movies can really help through rough times. This year in particular has not been an easy one, ranging from the ugly election season to losing a lot of much beloved entertainers and positive contributors to society.  When the outside world is sometimes to much to manage, here are the movies and television […]

Shawn Spencer JD

What if these TV Characters Met?

Ever wonder what it would be like if favorite characters from different shows met? I have. I started thinking this direction after watching Psych, and really enjoying the Shawn Spencer’s silliness. I thought how his goofiness was similar to another favorite goofball of mine- JD from Scrubs– and how much fun it would be to […]

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TV’s Memorable Minor Characters

I recently started re-watching Gilmore Girls again on Netflix Instant (like a million other people did, as soon as Netflix announced the release) and have been enjoying being sucked back into the Star Hollows world. While evaluating my emotions towards the show the second time around (with new age bracket and work/personal experiences to change […]