Stranger Things

Stranger Things Season 1 Review: The best and the worst

Hey everyone, thank’s for stopping by! Today I’m going to review the Stranger Things Season 1. There are only 8 episodes, which is unfortunate because it was so good! If you haven’t yet, please hop on over to my pilot review to catch up on episode 1 if you like!   Synopsis The plot follows […]

“Fringe” Season Four Review

I hate to admit that I almost wanted to stop watching “Fringe” during season four. Season three ended so spectacularly that I’m not sure the writers knew where to take season four. If you’ll remember, at the end of season three, Peter managed to turn on the machine and created a bridge between the two […]

Fringe Season Two Review

Sometimes I think the number of episodes most American TV shows have is too many. Twenty-two episodes leaves a lot of filler while setting up the season arc, and I think season two of “Fringe” really suffered from this format. After the devastating reveal of Peter at the end of last season, this season starts […]

Fringe Season One Review

I love sci-fi shows — “Battlestar Galactica”, “Firefly (which everyone should watch, no exceptions)”, “Doctor Who”, etc. and I’m going to add “Fringe” to that list now. It’s well acted, well written, and just disturbing enough. My husband and I watched all of season one in a short time and it grew from, “eh, it’s […]