Chicago P.D. 2×09, “Called In Dead”

I’ve put off this recap in hopes of coming to terms with the midseason finale’s ending, but it never happened. I’m going to apologize in advance if I come across like a whiny child for the duration of this recap. Chicago P.D. is twisty-turny, intense and action-packed by default, but the show’s midseason finale was […]

Chicago P.D. 2×08, “Assignment of the Year”

Chicago P.D. has been on a three week break- which I think I’d be more upset about if they’d left off on a stronger episode than “Assignment of the Year.” It’s not that the episode was a bad one, but it was more unfortunate circumstances than anything else. The episode was one-dimensional in that it […]

Chicago P.D. 2×07, “They’ll Have to Go Through Me”

By the end of Crossover Week’s final episode, I felt like I’d been sucked up by a tornado and spit out. The crossover built up and eventually came to an intense end that left us all emotional and feelsy. To quote Mean Girls: It. Was. Awesome. Allow me to sum up the preceding Law & […]

Chicago P.D. 2×06, “Prison Ball”

I know I’ve been cranking out the Chicago P.D. recaps lately, but I wanted to get caught up before this week’s annual crossover. Last week’s episode saw the team go undercover in an attempt to solve the brutal murder of a ten-year-old girl. The team pulled out all the stops and gave us a fantastic episode that saw […]

Chicago P.D. 2×05- “An Honest Woman”

Who in the world is stupid enough to go after Voight? The above question was never a burning concern of mine because I figured in this Chicago Fire/Chicago P.D. universe, the only one dumb enough to try and take him on is Lieutenant Casey (Casey had every reason to, but it was still an uphill […]