ATX TV Festival Girl Meets World Rowan Blanchard Sabrina Carpenter Ben Savage

ATXTVS4: Girl Meets World cast talks Boy Meets World and Parallels

My Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World parallel posts are popular on our site so when I attended ATX TV Festival three weeks ago, I made sure to get all the details I could get from the Boy Meets Girl Meets World panel and ask questions about the parallels during my interview with the […]

Girl Meets World Girl Meets Home for the Holidays Shawn Hunter Cory Matthews

GMW “Girl Meets Home for the Holidays” Review: Shawn is Back!

For years, Boy Meets World Cory and Shawn has been the GREATEST best friends in television history. Their relationship has always been unique. They grew up together and were inseparable. These two kids are complete opposites and come different backgrounds, but it’s what made them best friends. With their cool handshakes, in sync snoring pattern, […]

Boy Meets World Season 5

TV Rewatch: Boy Meets World Season 5

With ATX TV Festival revealing which cast members will be attending their Boy Meets World Reunion, panel, and screening a week ago, it made rewatching season five more fun and exciting to watch my favorite season of the series. Season five aired from October 3, 1997 through May 15, 1998 on ABC. The trio Cory, […]

TV Rewatch: Boy Meets World Season 4

Season four was all about growing. Whether it was a storyline, the characters or the actors, we saw it developing in a well done manner. That was so great about this season, was being able to see the growing change in front of us. Season four is the halfway mark of the series, and although […]

TV Rewatch: Boy Meets World Season Three

A great show never loses its fan base years after it airs the final episode. I go through Google Images for pictures I include in my reviews and if that doesn’t help I go on Tumblr. I’ve had the hashtag Boy Meets World saved long before I started doing these reviews, and I look at […]

My Favorite Boy Meets World Season Two Episodes

About a week ago, I posted my Boy Meets World season two review, and originally the review was much longer with my favorite episodes included. However my review had to be cut down and I felt extremely guilty leaving out my favorites episodes. In each season we have our favorites scenes, moments, characters, etc. So […]

TV Rewatch: Boy Meets World Season Two

Change is a big word. Some people enjoy the excitement of the changes coming into their lives, and others prefer to stay in their current comfort zone. However, everything changes when you enter high school. You have a few of the same friends, see tons of new faces, new teachers, and of course have new […]

TV Rewatch: Boy Meets World Season One

Photo Credit: Google Images With ABC’s Nashville and NBC’s Go On on winter break, and the announcement of Girl Meets World as a spin off with Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel on board is a go, also that ATX TV Festival will be hosting a Boy Meets World reunion in Austin next June I thought it would […]