The Mindy Project Season 2 Recap

Season 2 of The Mindy Project was everything I dreamed and more; it was Season 1 on steroids. It almost went a little too well, so I am concerned about where things are headed because I know there are 2 seasons ahead, plus a new season coming in October.  Anyway, let’s check in with this […]

The Mindy Project Season 1 Recap

As far as first seasons go, I thought Season 1 of The Mindy Project was relatively strong. Normally I have to trudge through the first season of a show before I am really hooked, but I have been intrigued by Mindy & Co. from episode 1 – I was shocked when I realized I was […]

Awkward. Recap: “Home Again, Home Again”

It hadn’t live tweeted an episode of Awkward. in a long time and I thought I’d do it with last week’s episode to change things up a little with the recap. As most of you know, you can only tweet 140 characters at a time and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to […]

“Nashville” Recap: There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight

 The plan may have been to not to cry, but on this week’s episode characters definitely shed some tears. This episode wasn’t filled with intense drama like last week’s, but everyone’s feelings were exposed on this week’s Nashville. Whether it was Ranya’s heartbreak, Juliette’s outburst, Maddie’s disappointment or Deacon’s jealously, almost each character brought their […]

“Nashville” Recap: I’ve Been Down That Road Before

It never fails, but somehow Nashville always tops the previous episode each week. After a two-week break, Wednesday night’s episode was filled with changes, hope, blood, cheating and disappointment. In the spirit of changes on Nashville, I thought for this week’s review I add predictions I think will happen with these characters and their storylines. […]

Go On Recap: Pass Interference

The episode name is the perfect title for Super Bowl week. However, Tuesday night’s episode was all about love, weddings, and Valentine’s Day. Piper Perado returns this week as Ryan’s love interest, Simone, and the group is instantly in love with Ryan and Simone’s relationship except for one person, their group counselor Lauren. Lauren refuses […]

“Nashville” Recap: You Win Again

Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly Wednesday night’s shows kicked off with an amazing concert in Dallas with Ranya enjoying every diva moment, while Juliette can’t stand another moment with her. Scarlett and Gunnar sing their beautiful harmony, Jackson taking control of his career, and a horrible false article about Deacon. Wednesday’s episode was a good one. Deacon […]

“Go On” Recap: Comeback Player of the Year

What I loved about Tuesday night’s episode is how we had a few of the characters paired up for a storyline of their own, which included two guest stars – NFL star Terrell Owens as himself and Piper Perado (Coyote Ugly) as a group favorite friend, Simone. I enjoy almost every episode of this hilarious […]

My Favorite Boy Meets World Season Two Episodes

About a week ago, I posted my Boy Meets World season two review, and originally the review was much longer with my favorite episodes included. However my review had to be cut down and I felt extremely guilty leaving out my favorites episodes. In each season we have our favorites scenes, moments, characters, etc. So […]