cpd - 3x17 - halstead terry

Chicago P.D. – 3×17 – “Forty-Caliber Bread Crumb”

In a very Jay Halstead-centric episode of Chicago P.D., we see the pitfalls of his side-job in being security for a pot shop. I’m not talking about a drug bust or anything like that, but rather a burglary that turns into a murder case. When Halstead’s friend and partner gets killed, it hits him hard, […]

Chicago P.D.- 2×03: “The Weigh Station”

Right when I thought things couldn’t get anymore action-packed, this episode happened. Fresh off last week’s cliffhanger, episode 2×03 picked up right where 2×02 left off. The episode was even more Halstead-centric than its predecessor, but that’s a positive as Jesse Lee Soffer’s performances have been fantastic. A small touch that I loved was that the episode began […]

Chicago P.D., “Call it Macaroni”

The sophomore season of Chicago P.D., NBC’s hit Chicago Fire spinoff, picked up right where it left off in season one with Wednesday’s fast-paced premiere. Not all questions from the season one finale were resolved, but that’s okay because the biggest question on everyone’s mind was answered in dramatic fashion. So. Who killed Jin? In […]