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Our Favorite OTPs

What makes TV shows worth watching? One word: OTPs. If you’re scratching your head on what OTPs are, don’t worry. You probably know what it is but didn’t realize what it was called OTP. OTPs are One True Pairings, aka the couple that fans can’t stop watching because of the great chemistry between the two individuals and […]

ATX Television Festival

ATX Television Festival Recap: A first timer’s experience

On Jun 9th, I finally took the plunge. I finally went to the ATX Television Festival in Austin. For those of you who aren’t familiar with ATX Television Festival, this festival is an annual festival devoted to all things TV. The festival was started by Caitlin McFarland and Emily Gipson five years ago. The festival […]


Favorite YouTube Videos of the Month: February Edition

With the new year ringing in, I thought it would be neat to have something new and different to the site. After sharing my favorite Teen Wolf fanmade videos, I had the idea of the writers picking their favorite YouTube video for the month and share it with you guys. The videos for this month […]

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How to Choose Your Next TV Obsession

  I’ve probably said this a million times already but will say it once more. I really miss Parenthood. I miss it not only because I loved the show. I miss it also for the fact I had a weekly show I could anticipate and discuss on Twitter with on my fellow TV fans. Parenthood […]

Terry Crews at the 2015 TV Land Awards

Things We Love – April Edition

Things We Love is a place for the contributors of Really Late Reviews to let you know what we’ve been enjoying in pop culture this month. From wedding-themed romantic comedies to shows starring Sutton Foster to television fan conventions, Things We Love is a way to discover some new gems and re-discover some old favorites.

Original Bravermans

Parenthood “Made it through the Night”

It wouldn’t be Parenthood if  Jordan and Sarita weren’t crying or Adam weren’t Crosby bickering.  Jordan and Sarita live blogged the second to last episode.  We still are not prepared for next week’s series finale. Sarita Muley: Gahhh!  Starts right now.  The Adam /Crosby bickering – I’m going to miss that so much. Jordan Hickman: […]

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Parenthood: “Let’s Go Home”

The 100th episode was sweet, but this episode was sweeter, mostly because of the Joel and Julia awkwardness of course. While watching Joel and Julia re-connect, I felt I was watching how they fell in love the first time. From the happy smiles when they talked to how they looked at each other (Joel especially […]

Parenthood “How Did We Get Here” Live-blog

Once again, Jordan and Sarita live blogged tonight’s outstanding Parenthood episode, “How Did We Get Here.” This was also the 100th episode. Can you believe our little show has been on this long yet is almost over? Sad days ahead. Hope you enjoy our chat! Sarita M – 8:54 PM Hi there! Jordan Hickman – […]

Our Favorite TV Shows in 2014

This year most of our contributors sent in a top ten list of their favorite TV shows of 2014. We got a wide array of programming, and due to the way the point system worked out, a show that someone picked as their number one favorite beat out several shows multiple people included further down […]

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TV’s Memorable Minor Characters

I recently started re-watching Gilmore Girls again on Netflix Instant (like a million other people did, as soon as Netflix announced the release) and have been enjoying being sucked back into the Star Hollows world. While evaluating my emotions towards the show the second time around (with new age bracket and work/personal experiences to change […]