Parenthood “These Are The Times We Live In” Reactions

Sarita and I sat down and g-chatted throughout tonight’s surprisingly tearful Parenthood. Read our on-the-fly thoughts below in a slightly edited transcript. Comment below your reactions to the episode and where you think the season is heading. We’ll be back next week as we’ve reached the halfway point of the final season. Sarita Muley – […]

She Said, She Said: Thoughts on Parenthood’s “Happy Birthday, Zeek”

Episode Overall Sarita: Just like last season, this season’s premiere did not have an even pace and was choppy /too rushed in certain areas.  However, the subsequent episode returned to normal episode. The storytelling felt tighter and the plot lines integrated with each other very well. Jordan: I agree. This episode only had characters in […]

zeek and sarah parenthood

Live-blogging Parenthood “Vegas”

We at Really Late Reviews are always trying to make this site fun and unique. Parenthood began its final season Thursday night so Jordan and Sarita decided to live blog the whole thing. Below is our slightly edited conversation. We will continue co-writing each episode until the finale, but we may or may not continue […]