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Things We Love – April Edition

Things We Love is a place for the contributors of Really Late Reviews to let you know what we’ve been enjoying in pop culture this month. From wedding-themed romantic comedies to shows starring Sutton Foster to television fan conventions, Things We Love is a way to discover some new gems and re-discover some old favorites.

One Tree Hill What Could Have Been Nathan Scott Peyton Sawyer

“One Tree Hill” Rewatch: “What Could Have Been”, “The Tide that Left and Never Came Back” and “The Leavers Dance”

Episode 21: “What Could Have Been” There’s nothing worse than coming home from the hospital after a terrible car accident than a stack of bills that include a $100,000 hospital bill. However, Nathan has a great set of friends that organize a movie night at TRIC where all the proceeds go to Nathan and his […]

One Tree Hill I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning Nathan Scott Cooper Lee Lucas Scott

“One Tree Hill” Rewatch: “The Lonesome Road”, “I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning” and “Lifetime Piling Up”

Episode 18: “The Lonesome Road” There are two important storylines in this episode, Nathan visiting his sister-in-law Taylor, and Jake fighting for Jenny. Of course there’s the minor stuff, like Brooke not setting her priorities straight after promising Karen she would hold up her end of the deal staying with her, Anna finally coming out […]

One Tree Hill Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows Lucas Scott Brooke Davis

“One Tree Hill” Rewatch: “The Hero Dies in This One” and “Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows”

Episode 13: “The Hero Dies in This One” Everything from here on out is only going to go down hill as the lies finally hit the fan and the people in Tree Hill are affected by it. Karen has a really hard time in this episode. Lucas finally takes the HCM test and tells her […]

One Tree Hill The Heart Brings You Back Nathan Scott Taylor James

“One Tree Hill” Rewatch: “The Heart Brings You Back” and “Between Order and Randomness”

Episode 11: “The Heart Brings You Back” There’s a rainstorm in Tree Hill but no one expected Hurricane Taylor to be knocking on Naley’s door. Hurricane Taylor is Haley’s older troubled and crazy sister, Taylor. Nathan and Haley are still struggling after their big fight, and are both trying to fix it, but Taylor gets […]

One Tree Hill Don’t Take Me for Granted Chris Keller Haley James Scott

“One Tree Hill” Rewatch: “The Trick is to Keep Breathing” and “Don’t Take Me for Granted”

Episode 9: “The Trick is to Keep Breathing” The title for this episode is so fitting. When one is going through something hard and emotional, the trick is to keep breathing no matter how hard it is. Brooke felt so betrayed when she found out both Mouth and Felix lied to her, and Mouth feels […]

One Tree Hill Let the Reigns go Loose Peyton Sawyer

“One Tree Hill” Rewatch: “Let the Reigns go Loose” and “Truth, Bitter Truth”

Episode 7: “Let the Reigns go Loose” After pitching her idea to Karen, trying to get bands, and even doing drugs to get “respect” from a band manager, Peyton’s dream of an all ages club for live music comes true. In this episode, it’s all about the opening night at TRIC. TRIC is a very […]

One Tree Hill I Will Dare Nathan Scott Haley James Scott

“One Tree Hill” Review: “I Will Dare” and “We Might as Well Be Strangers”

Episode 5: “I Will Dare” What if you and your friends had one night filled with dares you must achieve around your hometown and go out of your comfort zone to just for fun, knowing you’re creating memories you’ll always look back on with a smile on your face years from now? “I Will Dare” […]

One Tree Hill You Can’t Always Get What You Want Karen Roe Andy Hargrove

“One Tree Hill” Recap: “Near Wild Heaven” and “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

Episode 3: “Near Wild Heaven” Since Naley got married too fast, they never had the pre-marriage festivities, such as having a bachelorette and bachelor party. That’s right, it’s a wild night for the new married couple and their friends. Except, Tim throws the worse bachelor party in history for Nathan, as the guys sit around […]

One Tree Hill The Truth Doesn’t Make A Noise Nathan Scott Haley James Scott

“One Tree Hill” Review: “The Desperate Kingdom of Love” and “The Truth Doesn’t Make A Noise”

It’s here! It’s finally here! Summer has officially started and I get to continue with my summer annual recap and reviews for One Tree Hill. I’ve been waiting for this since last summer to talk to y’all about season two of one of my favorite shows. Let’s get started! Episode 1: “The Desperate Kingdom of […]