Teacher Wonder Years

The Wonder Years: Faith

TV has a different purpose in my life depending on my age. As a kid, it was just pure entertainment. During college and immediately after college, TV was a source of escapism from studying or work. Recently, however, I am drawn to shows that make me think and reflect upon my life and the world. My […]

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The Wonder Years: “Mom Wars”

I liked the overarching theme in “Mom Wars,” though not the complete execution on that theme. The episode highlights the tension that exists between teenagers, who vie for independence, and their mothers, who have trouble letting go and not worrying. This struggle is probably the worst part about being a teenager. You’re no longer a […]

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The Wonder Years: Pottery Will Get You Nowhere

The recurring theme in “The Wonder Years” is on dealing with change. Change in both the broader societal context- civil rights, politics, and space- as well as in life stages – from being a child with no care in world to being a teenager hopped on hormones and confusion. Most episodes thus far have focused […]