Nashville On The Other Hand Juliette Barnes

Nashville Finale Recap: On The Other Hand

Let me first say, I’m glad the network renewed Nashville for a third season because if the show had ended with this season finale cliffhanger, I would have been pissed. Ranya gets proposed… TWICE! The one thing that we all saw coming (thank to who ever is in charge of making promos) was Luke Wheeler […]

ABC Nashville All or Nothing with Me

“Nashville” Recap: All or Nothing with Me

Once again, let’s ignore the drama in this week’s Nashville episode. Forget about Scarlett wanting to leave Nashville for a brand new fresh start, Juliette lying to Avery about her “drunken mistake”, Jeff fighting for Juliette professionally, Deacon and Teddy in better terms for their daughter Maddie, Will getting frustrated with his reality show with […]

Nashville Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad Scarlett O'Connor Ranya Jaymes

“Nashville” Recap: Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad

This week’s episode isn’t about Will and Layla’s reality show offer to film their lives as upcoming country artists and what it takes. Or Juliette making Scarlett’s crisis about herself, Gunnar turning down a good deal from Jeff, Jeff’s record label slowing burning down to the ground along with Rayna’s record label, or how excited […]

ABC Nashville On the Record

Nashville: On the Record

ABC’s Nashville returns from yet another mini break and whoever calls the shots and decided to do something different on Nashville, they certainly accomplished that goal. This week wasn’t a typical one-hour drama episode, instead it’s a concert episode, Nashville: On the Record, where the cast perform fan-favorite songs from the show at the famous […]

ABC Nashville Maddie Conrad

“Nashville” Recap: Your Wild Life’s Gonna Get You Down

Not much happened in last week’s episode, well at least nothing important enough to talk about but there is one thing I’d like to talk about that been happening within the past several episodes that has finally reached my breaking point, and that breaking point is called Maddie Conrad. I’m not a parent, but I […]

Nashville Recap: “We’ve Got Things to Do”

Nashville aired its17th episode last week and here’s the clip of the last few minutes. Throughout the 3 and half minute video, Ranya and Juliette are performing a duet called, “He Ain’t Gonna Change” during Ranya’s night at the Opry to do damage control for Juliette’s outburst during Ranya’s party where she announced she’s been […]

Nashville They Don't Make 'Em Like My Daddy Anymore Rayna Jaymes

“Nashville” Recap: They Don’t Make ‘Em Like My Daddy Anymore

After a few weeks taking a break, Nashville returns just were it left off. It wasn’t exactly the best episode this season, but it certainly has a few things worth talking about. So let’s get to it. Lamar’s Death We find out Lamar does die from his heart attack he had in Teddy’s office after […]

Nashville Just For What I Am Jay DeMarcus Allison Alderson

Nashville Recap: “Just For What I Am”

Nashville Stars When I saw the promo for this episode last week, I was excited to see the Zac Brown Band perform and Jay DeMarcus from Rascal Flatts guest star. The show has already brought in a few real life Nashville country singers, such as Brad Paisley, Vince Gill, Kip Moore, which are a few […]

“Nashville” Recap: “I’ll Keep Climbing”

Nashville ended with a major cliffhanger during its mid-season finale before the holiday break in December, leaving fans (including me) wondering and figuring out who exactly died; Peggy or Will? Last week as I noticed Nashville written on the 15th on my calendar for the month, I started to really think, “who does die?” Then […]

Nashville Tomorrow Never Comes Peggy Kenter Teddy Conrad

“Nashville” Mid-Season Recap: Tomorrow Never Comes

For weeks now ABC has been teasing someone WILL die during Nashville’s mid-season finale, and they certainly delivered their promise with a few tricks up their sleeves. The question isn’t who’s dead but rather who REALLY died? For a while now, we’ve seen Will (Chris Carmack) struggle with his sexuality. It’s not secret we all […]