Emerald Portal EP Release: “Trouble in Paradise”

It’s no coincidence that listening to Emerald Portal’s new EP, Trouble in Paradise will make you feel like you’re living inside your own indie film. Because as it turns out, both members of the post-rock duo, Thomas Ouziel and Brad Runblade, started their careers in the film industry (Thomas as a sound designer and Brad […]

the good wife season 4

The Cast and Crew of The Good Wife Made a Music Video

If you haven’t seen Sunday’s The Good Wife then this video won’t mean a thing to you. If you have, enjoy. For reference: In the episode, a Glee-type TV show stole Matthew Lilliard’s version of the rap song Tricky Thick. Hey! It’s exactly like that whole Glee and Jonathan Coulson mess! Exactly the same thing, […]