Watch It Fall Joseph Eid

Joseph Eid’s “Watch It Fall” Review

Here at Really Late Reviews, we’re always interested in listening to new music and sharing it with y’all. Last week, I had the opportunity to listen to Joseph Eid’s new single “Watch It Fall”, which releases today! Who is this Joseph Eid you might ask? He is an Americana-singer/songwriter who dropped out after his first […]

Lifeline by Holly Elle

Holly Elle “Lifeline” Review

When it comes to writing, I like a challenge and when it comes to music, I’m willing to give anything and everything a shot.  Truthfully, I’ve never heard of Holly Elle, or seen her anywhere, but she made an immense first impression with her newest single, “Lifeline.” This pop single is about that moment in a first kiss […]


Cable Car Ride EP music review

Recently, a PR firm from LA gave Really Late Reviews  (courtesy our brilliant editor, Jordan Hickman!) the opportunity to listen to up-and-coming bands, and provide our feedback on their music. I volunteered to help in the reviews as I am always looking to broaden my musical tastes beyond the same 90s/pop/oldies songs blasting through my […]

Fauntella Crow 2

With Strong Vocals and Haunting Melodies, Fauntella Crow Sets The Bar

Right out of the gate you can tell that Fauntella Crow is not just another sleepy folk duo. Comprised of violinist Jessy Green and the piano stylings of Sunday Lane, Fauntella Crow has a strong, rich sound and make beautiful music together. These two women have wonderful rich voices which complement each other nicely, with […]