Spider-Man: Homecoming – Review

“You know what the world doesn’t need: another Spider-Man movie.” That was my first thought when I found out about Spider-Man: Homecoming. Granted, this is coming from someone who loves Batman and how many different Batman movies have there been? I loved the first Spider-Man (2002) trilogy. Toby Maguire will always be my Spider-Man. The […]

Vanished: Left Behind – Next Generation Claire Gabby Josh Flynn

Movie Review: “Vanished: Left Behind – Next Generation”

  If you want to know why I decided to see this movie, it all started when MTV premiered their new drama show Teen Wolf on June 5, 2011. Since then, I’ve come to love and support all the actors on the show, seen their previous works, and looking forward to their new projects. When […]

“The Host” Movie Review – Choose to love, to believe, to fight.

Before the Movie: As a movie enthusiast, I made a big mistake. I immediately judged this film based on Twilight. If you have no clue why I say that, it’s because the author of Twilight is the same for The Host; Stephanie Meyer. When it comes to the Twilight series, I’m …I guess what you […]

“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” Review: Why You MUST Watch This Film!

Before the Movie: The first time I saw the movie trailer to this film, I won’t lie to you, I didn’t think it would be good. I had no intention of watching this film and was actually baffled when my boyfriend stated he wanted to watch it. Today, being Christmas (MERRY CHRISTMAS), we decided to […]