MTV Awkward Matty McKibben

“Awkward.” Recap: That Girl Strikes Again

Even though Awkward. isn’t a fall show, there is nothing weirder than seeing a new Halloween episode in the middle of May, no matter how hilarious, or good it is, it’s still weird. Things are just getting more adorable and great between Ashley Rickards and Beau Mirchoff’s characters, “Jetty”. After each episode this season the […]

Awkward Sadie Tamara

Awkward. Recap: “Indecent Exposure”

Although Matty’s storyline was the point of this week’s episode, I was more interested in Sadie’s sleepover party with Tamara. Frankly, I was disappointed in Jetty’s living together plot. I was expecting it to be more entertaining, funnier, and of course more awkward, but honestly I was sort of bored. Here’s why I enjoyed Sadie’s […]

MTV Awkward Matty McKibben

“Awkward.” Recap: Let’s Talk About Sex

At one point in life, a girl will lose her v-card and a boy will become a man (not that I believe a boy’s first time makes him a man) but in the “old” days it was tradition to wait till the evening of your wedding night. Now these days it’s very rare and most […]

MTV Awkward Jenna Hamilton Matty McKibben

“Awkward.” Recap: A Little Less Conversation

  Awkward is getting serious with some heavy realistic topics, but I love how the writers are expressing the mature storylines with comedy, awkward moments, and done in a seriousness matter for the viewers to get understand the message within the lesson. Tuesday night’s episode taught us “sure babe” is the new “we need to […]

Awkward Jenna Hamilton Matty McKibben

“Awkward.” Recap: “Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes” and “Responsibly Irresponsible”

As I mentioned in my previous season one and two review, I didn’t see this show from the beginning and saw it in a 24 hour span a few weeks ago, and although it was just a few weeks ago, I was so excited season three premiered last night. This season is starting off with […]

MTV Awkward Cast

MTV Awkward. Season Two Review

Although season one was my favorite so far, Awkward.’s second season continued with it’s cute, quirky, and awkward vibe. Season two picks up right where season one ended. Jenna picks Jake instead of Matty the night of the winter formal, where she’s also finds out her mother wrote the hurtful anonymous letter she received in […]

‘Awkward.’ Season 1 Review

When I first saw the promos for Awkward in 2011, I was not interested at all. I thought it would be another lame show on MTV that would fail. Seeing a girl walking around in a cast did not catch my attention, so I passed on the show. Two years later, I saw on twitter […]