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My New Outlook On Friends

I’ve been prone to watching and reading too much heavy /dramatic stuff, so sometimes my brain just really needs a break. Luckily,  thanks to Netflix (and TBS reruns), I always have Friends reruns to help lighten the mood. I’ve been watching a lot of Friends reruns recently, and have discovered some new things about the […]

The cast of NBC's Go On

Go On Recap: Urn-ed

Last night was Go On’s season finale episode and it was a perfect ending after a long journey for Ryan King and the group as they all come together to realize they’re going to be okay and everything will be fine with each other as friends and a support system. Lauren makes progress folders for […]

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“Go On” Recap: Fast Breakup

There have been a few worthy episodes this season on Go On because of the storyline that’s being told, or a lesson the writers are trying to show, and this week’s episode was one of them, as the writers point out to the viewers you shouldn’t run away from your feelings and should confront your […]

Go On Recap: Matchup Problems

A couple of months ago fans were happy to see Lauren Graham reunite with Perry; however, fans were more excited to see a familiar FRIENDS face on last night’s episode. Not too long ago the news of Perry’s former TV wife Courteney Cox would guest star on his show Go On broke all over the […]

Go On Recap: Go for the Gold Watch

A few of my TV friends have a common reason why we don’t like NBC, because the network isn’t always the greatest despite some great shows they air. Some are still upset about NBC cancelling Friday Night Lights; others are upset along with the cast when Parenthood didn’t get a full fourth season and why […]

“Go On” Recap: Double Down

Tuesday’s episode was a perfect send off before going into another hiatus. As usual, it was funny. Ryan has fun gambling, Anne gets excited about her new fling, and things are slowly heating up with Danny and Sonia. Recovery addicts try so hard keeping up with their recovery until something terrible strikes in the addict’s […]

“Go On” Recap: Ring and a Miss

There is one thing that makes this show so great, and that’s the writing. The writers not only write some of the most hilarious lines ever, but the writers also include realistic storylines of situations people do go through. That’s what makes this show work, and makes it worth tuning in every Tuesday night. Ryan […]

“Go On” Recap: Go Deep

There are so many great sitcoms on the air but I’ve come to love and consider Go On as one of my favorites. Although this week’s episode wasn’t the greatest it sure was great to have Go On back from its three week hiatus. Ryan has been dating Simone (Piper Perado) for quite a while […]

Go On Recap: Pass Interference

The episode name is the perfect title for Super Bowl week. However, Tuesday night’s episode was all about love, weddings, and Valentine’s Day. Piper Perado returns this week as Ryan’s love interest, Simone, and the group is instantly in love with Ryan and Simone’s relationship except for one person, their group counselor Lauren. Lauren refuses […]

“Go On” Recap: Comeback Player of the Year

What I loved about Tuesday night’s episode is how we had a few of the characters paired up for a storyline of their own, which included two guest stars – NFL star Terrell Owens as himself and Piper Perado (Coyote Ugly) as a group favorite friend, Simone. I enjoy almost every episode of this hilarious […]