Marvel’s Luke Cage Pilot Recap

In the much anticipated Luke Cage pilot, our first glance of our hero comes at a local barber shop, where he is sweeping hair and talking smack to his friends about the NBA (for the record – GO MAVS!). Involved in the conversation are Luke (Mike Colter); the owner of the shop, Pop (Frankie Faison); and […]


HELLO MARVEL AND DC FANS! The time of the year has arrived and San Diego Comic Con is going on! As expected, many movies and TV shows we have been anxiously anticipating have been revealed, as well as who has been cast for future roles. I’m saddened as another year passes, and I STILL have […]

“Thor: The Dark World” Review

If you know me well enough, you would know that I am insanely obsessed with Thor. My family knows, my boyfriend knows, even my students know. I fell absolutely head over heels with Chris Hemsworth (as did every other woman) upon seeing him in the first film. I would list all the Thor items and […]