MTV Awkward Finals Matty McKibben Jenna Hamilton

Awkward. Recap: Can Jenna and Matty be ‘just friends’?

Episode 17: “Fireworks” Jake offers Jenna and Tamara a job at the country club to earn some money, which means having to work with Matty and his girlfriend, Sully. Working together causes a bit of a friction between the exes at first, but when Matty sees a man yelling at Jenna over a burnt hot […]

Awkward. Best Friends For Never Tamara

Awkward. Recap: “Best Friends For Never”

When Idea Bin was looking for someone to help in advertising, Jenna helped Tamara get the internship in hoping to save what’s left of their friendship. Except, it didn’t save their friendship. Instead, it made it worst. Jenna was still trying to fit in at work with her co-workers and has been trying so hard […]