ATX Television Festival

ATX Television Festival Recap: A first timer’s experience

On Jun 9th, I finally took the plunge. I finally went to the ATX Television Festival in Austin. For those of you who aren’t familiar with ATX Television Festival, this festival is an annual festival devoted to all things TV. The festival was started by Caitlin McFarland and Emily Gipson five years ago. The festival […]

Jason Katims

How to Choose Your Next TV Obsession

  I’ve probably said this a million times already but will say it once more. I really miss Parenthood. I miss it not only because I loved the show. I miss it also for the fact I had a weekly show I could anticipate and discuss on Twitter with on my fellow TV fans. Parenthood […]

Matt Lauria Amy

Different Type of Celebrity Interview Questions

Co-Written with Amy Martinez If you watch enough TV and movie related news like we do, you’ll notice something funny about the reporters who interview the actors and actresses. They always ask the same questions that everyone has already asked.  For example, for George Clooney, the question will always be on something regarding his pranks. […]