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Random Pop Culture Thoughts

  Let’s face it – it’s not always easy to stay focused in the present 100% of the time.  The mind inevitably wanders. Especially when the present activity is just plain boring.   A lot of people’s thoughts wander to errands they have to do, things they would rather be doing, or the next meal. […]

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Jane Austen is why I will now re-read books

  I don’t usually like to re-read books. The only exception is To Kill a Mockingbird. I have re-read that book multiple times since my first read around ten. The story appeals to me so much that I want to always immerse myself into the plot and into Scout’s mind. Aside from this book, my […]

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“A Jane Austen Education”: A book highlighting Austen’s continued importance

Twelve years old is too young to start reading Jane Austen. I came to that conclusion recently, as I reflected upon my reading experiences and remembered when I first started reading Austen’s novels. I don’t remember the exact reasons I picked up Austen – most likely due to my father’s recommendation as he is an […]