Nashville On The Other Hand Juliette Barnes

Nashville Finale Recap: On The Other Hand

Let me first say, I’m glad the network renewed Nashville for a third season because if the show had ended with this season finale cliffhanger, I would have been pissed. Ranya gets proposed… TWICE! The one thing that we all saw coming (thank to who ever is in charge of making promos) was Luke Wheeler […]

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Nashville Review: I Fall to Pieces

I must admit as excited and happy I am to see Nashville come back for a second season, I was also worried it wouldn’t get better than the first season as some of the episodes weren’t always great. However, the second season premiere was perfect and better than the entire first season combined! Here’s what […]

Nashville Ranya Jaymes Juliette Barnes

Nashville Season Finale Recap: “I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive”

Within the first 9 minutes of the Nashville season finale, I was at the edge of my seat. It wasn’t just because of the crazy drama happening, but because how well written the script was in this episode, as well every single actor brought an Emmy worthy performance. Emmy Like Performances What a year Juliette […]

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Heroes Review: “Genesis” and “Don’t Look Back”

As much as I hate when my shows end their season in May and won’t return till the fall, I look forward spending the summer with my best friend Netflix. A time where I get to rewatch some of my old favorite shows and discover new shows I’ve never seen and wish I had before. […]

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“Nashville” Recap: Take These Chains from My Heart

Nashville was once again on another hiatus week, and I thought its comeback would be a great episode, but frankly I was bored until the ending. “You wanna be on stage?” –Avery For the first time in a long time, the viewers saw a side of Avery (Jonathan Jackson) we haven’t seen in a long […]

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“Nashville” Recap: My Heart Would Know

When it comes to love they say, “Listen to your heart instead of your mind” because they tell you two different things. Your heart tells you how you feel while your brain can give you a million rights and/or wrongs statistically. This week’s episode is by far Nashville’s best episode, showing almost every character making […]

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“Nashville” Recap: I Saw the Light

“I saw the light” is a common phrase we’ve all heard, especially when one has found perspective in their life. In this week’s episode almost every character “saw the light.” Deacon makes the decision of quitting the road life and finally settling down with the vet. Avery realizing he must start from the bottom as […]

“Nashville” Recap: When You’re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts

Hearts were certainly breaking in this week’s episode, and it was the perfect way to come back after a very long hiatus. Nashville isn’t always off to a juicy start, but this week’s episode foreshadowed how much heartache we were to expect within the first seven minutes. The show kicked off with Deacon struggling with […]

“Nashville” Recap: Dear Brother

Photos Credit: Katherine Bomboy-Thornton/ABC Nashville returns from its two-week break with a party, and brought out the big guns, drama, storylines, and A-list guest stars. Ranya and Teddy’s divorce goes public, Gunnar’s brother troubles comes to end, and as well it’s Deacon’s birthday and Juliette plans a surprise party, but what’s a party and a […]

“Nashville” Recap: There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight

 The plan may have been to not to cry, but on this week’s episode characters definitely shed some tears. This episode wasn’t filled with intense drama like last week’s, but everyone’s feelings were exposed on this week’s Nashville. Whether it was Ranya’s heartbreak, Juliette’s outburst, Maddie’s disappointment or Deacon’s jealously, almost each character brought their […]