Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

TV Trivia To Have in Your Back Pocket

I’ve spent countless hours watching TV over the course of twenty plus years. During that time, I not only got to watch some quality storylines but also learned a great deal of random facts about the TV shows, actors, and production process. I’ve collected the random TV Trivia like people collect cars or stamps. All […]

Disney Channel’s Andi Mack Pilot “13” Review

Andi Mack: Review Missing Gilmore Girls? I may have found a super kid-friendly version. Ok, so that may be a bit of a stretch. It is not Gilmore Girls per say. There is no talking fast filled with rapid-fire references, coffee, or hot diner owner, but Disney Channel’s new show Andi Mack, certainly has a Gilmore […]

Shawn Spencer JD

What if these TV Characters Met?

Ever wonder what it would be like if favorite characters from different shows met? I have. I started thinking this direction after watching Psych, and really enjoying the Shawn Spencer’s silliness. I thought how his goofiness was similar to another favorite goofball of mine- JD from Scrubs– and how much fun it would be to […]

joey chandler duck chick

My New Outlook On Friends

I’ve been prone to watching and reading too much heavy /dramatic stuff, so sometimes my brain just really needs a break. Luckily,  thanks to Netflix (and TBS reruns), I always have Friends reruns to help lighten the mood. I’ve been watching a lot of Friends reruns recently, and have discovered some new things about the […]

Lauren Graham Connie Britton

Random Pop Culture Thoughts

  Let’s face it – it’s not always easy to stay focused in the present 100% of the time.  The mind inevitably wanders. Especially when the present activity is just plain boring.   A lot of people’s thoughts wander to errands they have to do, things they would rather be doing, or the next meal. […]

Being Mary Jane Pilot Review

BET and Mara Brock Akil have a new hit on its hands with Being Mary Jane. Gabrielle Union stars in the series as the successful television anchor, Mary Jane Paul. She is smart, talented, sexy and lonely. In the pilot episode, Mary Jane opens her door to Andre Daniels (Omari Hardwick), sometime after midnight. She […]

Here’s a “Game of Thrones” video with a “Friends” Style Opening

Game of Thrones, the bloody, violent, dragon filled HBO drama is never short on heavy moments. But, have you even considered what it would be like as a ’90s sitcom? Well, wonder no more with this fan-made video. Also, we can all use a little more of watching Tyrion slap Joffrey. Let’s just watch that […]

Go On Recap: Matchup Problems

A couple of months ago fans were happy to see Lauren Graham reunite with Perry; however, fans were more excited to see a familiar FRIENDS face on last night’s episode. Not too long ago the news of Perry’s former TV wife Courteney Cox would guest star on his show Go On broke all over the […]