ATX Television Festival

ATX Television Festival Recap: A first timer’s experience

On Jun 9th, I finally took the plunge. I finally went to the ATX Television Festival in Austin. For those of you who aren’t familiar with ATX Television Festival, this festival is an annual festival devoted to all things TV. The festival was started by Caitlin McFarland and Emily Gipson five years ago. The festival […]

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Exclusive Interview with Matt Lauria

ATX TV Festival has made a name for its self by bringing show creators, writers, and actors together in Austin, TX to talk about their shows and premiere new episodes. This past weekend, the festival brought in for the first time Audience Network’s Kingdom and screened last night’s episode in advance for the fans to enjoy. […]

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TV Fangirl Wishlist

Let’s say money was no object. Let’s also say that politics and trademarks/copyrights were non-issues. Basically, let’s imagine that all the current restrictions that hinder TV show production /decisions were not in place. What would dream TV viewing landscape look like then? Below are my tv fangirl wishes of what I would love to see […]

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Forgotten TV Plots That Deserved Better

I’ve noticed a trend with my favorite shows. For the most part, they will have well-written storylines throughout the course of their run. Occasionally, like all shows, they will have misses with plots they showcase (A decade later, I’m still upset about the whole April storyline in Gilmore Girls). The biggest opportunity for all these […]

ATX TV Festival 2014 Roswell Reunion Panel

ATX TV Festival 2014: A Television Experience

Do you ever watch a show and become so passionate about it that when you talk about it with someone else, like your friend or family member, then possibly become completely disappointed because perhaps they don’t feel the same way you do? Or worse they don’t even like the show? Or maybe they have that […]

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Different Type of Celebrity Interview Questions

Co-Written with Amy Martinez If you watch enough TV and movie related news like we do, you’ll notice something funny about the reporters who interview the actors and actresses. They always ask the same questions that everyone has already asked.  For example, for George Clooney, the question will always be on something regarding his pranks. […]

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Unforgettable Television, Movie, and Book Moments

Jordan and Sarita recently reflected upon their reading and t.v./movie watching history, and agreed that the most memorable moments were those that made them cry.  They discuss these scenes below and what made them so powerful and emotional. Sarita:   Kristina tells the family (Parenthood)   One of the reasons that I love this show is […]

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ATX TV Fest Recap — A whirlwind weekend full of panels, screenings, and lots of frantic, great times

Last weekend I had the privilege to attend the ATX TV Fest in Austin, Texas. It was hot, exhausting, fun, and very informative. I bought a ticket as a fan a few months ago, but about a month before the festival I was able to have my badge upgraded to press. It was unexpected, but […]