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The Wonder Years: “Odd Man Out”

I loved “Odd Man Out” because it focused on one of my favorite topics: friendships. Specifically, why we are friends with some people and not others, and what defines a good friend. The Wonder Years did a great job in using Kevin and Paul to illustrate these points. Kevin and Paul have been best buddies […]

The Wonder Years “On the Spot”

The Wonder Years digresses from its usual episode format with “On the Spot “ In this episode, Kevin primarily narrates and observes Winnie’s struggles rather than his own. I enjoyed the episode for what it was. However, I did miss experiencing Kevin’s woes, which usually lead to comical but enlightening thoughts. Winnie’s problems center on […]

wonder years math kevin

The Wonder Years: “Math Class”

Math. I have such mixed feelings towards that subject. I enjoyed it a lot in elementary school, and even through most of middle school, but remember my enthusiasm for it waned starting in eighth grade. Kevin Arnold also started having problems with math in eighth grade as well, as we see in this episode. Like […]

the wonder years summer song

The Wonder Years: “Summer Song”

The season three opener is about the Arnold family “vacation.” I put vacation in quotes because there is a whole lot of disappointments and complaints, and less of the fun element that makes a trip truly a vacation. Kevin manages to redeem it towards the end though –even at the cost of a minor heartbreak. […]


The Wonder Years: “Square Dance”

Thus far, both seasons of The Wonder Years have accurately depicted the various trials and tribulations of being in middle school: first crushes, school bullies, gossiping, and misunderstanding amongst friends.  The story of middle school life would not be complete, however, without a look into how peer pressure impacts how we view people, and who […]


The Wonder Years: “Brightwing”

In the latest The Wonder Years episode “Brightwing,” the show focuses on two main themes: Kevin and his sister Karen’s relationship, and Karen’s identity issues.  The writers did a great job in fleshing out the former to the front and center, while the latter is more subtly played throughout the episode. Currently, Kevin doesn’t understand Karen, […]


The Wonder Years: “Nemesis”

Winnie Cooper has not been in the last several episodes (not since the love triangle debacle between her, Kevin, and Kirk in  “Just Between Me and You and Kirk and Paul…” (See my review here:  I have been actually okay with that. Those of you who have been following my reviews know that I […]


The Wonder Years: “Walk Out”

Are kids entitled to the same rights to freedom of speech/ hold a peaceful protest as adults are granted? If so, are kids exempt from these rights while in school, given the nature of the school’s responsibility in ensuring children’s safety?  In “Walk Out”, the show takes on these questions. Kevin is unwillingly nominated to […]


The Wonder Years: Loosiers

The Wonder Years’ “Loosiers” was packed with typical stereotypes of what makes childhood often times miserable: attending gym class with a dull and somewhat competition driven gym teacher, being the unatheletic “nerd” when playing team sports in class, and coping through the dreaded five minutes as you wait to be selected on a team and […]