Norma and Jack Arnold

The Wonder Years: Pottery Will Get You Nowhere

The recurring theme in “The Wonder Years” is on dealing with change. Change in both the broader societal context- civil rights, politics, and space- as well as in life stages – from being a child with no care in world to being a teenager hopped on hormones and confusion. Most episodes thus far have focused […]

Wonder Years: Our Miss White

There are many reasons I love “Wonder Years,” but the biggest reason is how the writers have written Kevin Arnold.  He has strong feeling towards his experiences- as does any teenager – but he continually reflects on both his experiences and his reactions to those experiences, and uses those reflections to both adjust/learn from them. […]

Wonder Years: My Father’s Office

I have been enjoying all the “Wonder Years” episodes so far, but this one in particular has been particularly enjoyable for me because of how much I related to the themes. I was not relating to it from the childhood standpoint –although there were a few elements of the episode that triggered memories about my […]