Cancellation Talk: What got cut, what should have gone, and what should be saved.

Things get intense around May when TV networks begin to announce which returning shows get picked up for another season, and which first timers get a second chance at another season or get the cut. Sometimes the networks make the right call, but mostly they make the wrong choice on cutting several shows. I want […]

The Originals Sabine

The Originals Review: The Witches are taking over New Orleans

I’m going to be very honest with y’all. I have been distancing myself from this show. A small part has to do with the massive amount of reading my British Literature professor is giving me each week, but mainly because this show is slowly losing its touch with me. I’ve had the two most recent […]

The Originals Apres Moi, le Deluge Hayley Elijah Rebekah Klaus Kieran

The Originals Recap: “Après Moi, Le Déluge”

WARNING!!!: I’m not exactly thrilled with this show right now. The Originals returned from its winter break last week. However, the girl empowerment episode, “The Casket Girls” had me bored and had me scrolling through my Twitter feed throughout the episode. I’m all for girl empowerment (Girl Power!) but I don’t know why that episode […]

The Originals The River in Reverse Elijah Hayley

The Originals Recap: “The River in Reverse” and “Reigning Pain in New Orleans”

Episode 8: “The River in Reverse” Everything sure is reversed in this episode, Rebekah’s allegiance, Hayley’s family curse, and of course Klaus. What’s reversed about him? Oh just about everything, as this episode was pretty much a psychological breakdown of Klaus, his issues and his feelings. Klaus picked Cami to be his little minion for […]

The Originals Bloodletting Tyler Lockwood

The Originals Recap: “Bloodletting”

Julie Plec said in multiple interviews she’s holding off on crossover episodes with The Vampire Diaries actors because she wants The Originals to create its own ground before co-creating it with a show that’s already made a name for itself. Well thank goodness she didn’t keep her word, because here we are on the 7th […]

The Originals Fruit of the Poisoned Tree Elijah Mikaelson

“The Originals” Recap: “Sinners and Saints” and “Fruit of the Poisoned Tree”

Due to my huge stack of homework, I missed last week’s The Originals and didn’t see it until this Tuesday and damn school for making me miss such an incredible and important episode. Then this week’s episode was just intense in the most perfect way. Episode 5: Sinners and Saints This episode was a huge […]

The Originals Girl in New Orleans Davina

“The Originals” Review: Girl in New Orleans

Minutes before Joseph Morgan teased on Twitter, “Tonight on #TheOriginals Temptation. Manipulation. Tears. Rage. Violence. Compassion. Hope? Oh yes, and Magic. REALLY impressive magic.” He couldn’t have picked better words to describe this week’s episode. Rebekah continues to obsess over finding Elijah and manages to pull through, only to find herself in some sort of […]

The Originals Tangled up in Blue Rebekah Klaus

“The Originals” Review: Tangled Up in Blue

This is a show you have to watch from the beginning and cannot be understood by randomly watching any episode. It’s a show about — hopefully and just maybe (a HUGE maybe) — how Klaus regains his redemption. To not only regain what was once his, but to also not feel the need to be […]

The Originals Marcel Rebekah Klaus

“The Originals” Review: House of the Rising Son

I don’t know whose idea it was to have a special premiere last Thursday night and then another new episode five days later, but I like it! If only all shows were like that. The bad news is we’re back to waiting a week for another new episode. However this week’s episode was good enough […]

The Originals Elijah Mikaelson

The Originals Review: Always and Forever

I must admit I was nervous to watch the season premiere for a few reasons: I was afraid it wasn’t going to live up to the hype, or start off with a sucky start like The Vampire Diaries season premiere before this show, as well afraid I’d get caught up watching it then writing this […]