Sophia Bush Mariska Hargitay - CPD/SVU crossover

Killer Manhunt: SVU – Chicago P.D. Crossover

There is just something about crossovers that are just so captivating. Maybe it is the way that fandoms come together to watch their favorite characters interact, or maybe it is how writers manage to write one epic story line with two (sometimes three) shows. Who knows? All I know is that I never fail to […]

Chicago Fire 3×19, “I Am the Apocalypse”

Enjoy your weekly reminder that Gabby and Jay once dated. I KNOW. “Gina, they were just a fling! They’re not relevant anymore!” Umm, I beg to differ. They’re super relevant when promo pics like this are coming down the pipeline: WILL. NO. You are NOT allowed to be Eskimo QUADRUPLETS with YOUR BROTHER, Casey, and […]