cpd - 3x23 - voight and family

Chicago P.D. – 3×22 – “Start Digging” Recap

It’s not often we see Hank Voight get emotionally attached to a case. That is, unless it has to do with his unit or his family. Yes, we’ve seen him take it a tad too far when trying to get answers out of a suspect, but I can’t recall him taking it to extreme. So […]

cpd - 3x19 - olinsky

Chicago P.D. – 3×19 – “If We Were Normal” Recap

Some people would give absolutely anything to have a child, especially when they are unable to have one themselves. However, some people just take it too far… at least in the movies they do. That’s what the latest episode of Chicago P.D. touches on a little bit. Although, I think this guy has a more […]

Chicago P.D. - 3x18 still

Chicago P.D. – 3×18 – “Kasual With A K” Recap

It is sad when there have to be such things as secret battered women’s shelters because they’re scared for their lives of their abusers. It’s even more sad that most of the abusers seem to get off with just some jail time and a slap on the wrist. But I’m not here to get into […]