“Go On” Recap: Go Deep

There are so many great sitcoms on the air but I’ve come to love and consider Go On as one of my favorites. Although this week’s episode wasn’t the greatest it sure was great to have Go On back from its three week hiatus. Ryan has been dating Simone (Piper Perado) for quite a while […]

Go On Recap: Pass Interference

The episode name is the perfect title for Super Bowl week. However, Tuesday night’s episode was all about love, weddings, and Valentine’s Day. Piper Perado returns this week as Ryan’s love interest, Simone, and the group is instantly in love with Ryan and Simone’s relationship except for one person, their group counselor Lauren. Lauren refuses […]

“Go On” Recap: Comeback Player of the Year

What I loved about Tuesday night’s episode is how we had a few of the characters paired up for a storyline of their own, which included two guest stars – NFL star Terrell Owens as himself and Piper Perado (Coyote Ugly) as a group favorite friend, Simone. I enjoy almost every episode of this hilarious […]

Go On Recap: Win at All Costas

Matthew Perry and Guest Star Bob Costas – Photo Credit: NBC Throughout the entire winter break I was counting down the days to watch Go On on my TV once again and get back into writing recaps weekly. Needless to say, I’m glad it’s back and it came back with a comedy bang. We didn’t […]

TV Rewatch: Boy Meets World Season One

Photo Credit: Google Images With ABC’s Nashville and NBC’s Go On on winter break, and the announcement of Girl Meets World as a spin off with Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel on board is a go, also that ATX TV Festival will be hosting a Boy Meets World reunion in Austin next June I thought it would […]

“Go On” Recap: The World Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

In 1999, rumors of the world ending in 2000 spread like wildfire causing people to worry and buy everything from stores of food to every day needs. 12 years later we’re dealing with the same thing, on December 21st of 2012 the world is supposed to end, but this time everyone is believing it because […]

“Go On” Recap: Back, Back, Back, … It’s Gone.

This week’s episode was good and could have been better, but the storyline with the right lines is what made this week’s episode work. After a few episodes, Ryan King does some sort of a monologue on his radio show that foreshadows what will happen in the current episode and I like it! It reminds […]

“Go On” Review: Dinner Takes All

This week’s Go On episode title was perfect for the episode and fitting for Thanksgiving week. Photo Credit: Go On Official Facebook Page Lauren Graham guest stars as Amy Quinn on this week’s episode. Amy is Ryan and Steven’s college radio station buddy who came into town for a visit. After their first get together […]

“Go On” Review: Videogame, Set, Match

Photo Credit: Google Images Go On has been on a little mini-vacation from TV the past few weeks and like Partners I was jumping for joy to finally have my current favorite comedy show back on my TV screen. There were two storylines in this week’s episode, one bigger than the other, but both great life […]

“Partners” Review: Temporary Insanity

Photos Credit: Tumblr After watching this episode my first thought was, ‘If I had a gay best friend in my life it would be Louis.’ At first he annoyed me, but as the episodes passed on, he’s grown on me. He has become more fun, with a good sense of humor (How funny was his […]