Teen Wolf Memory Found Scott McCall

“Teen Wolf” 6×09 Review: Memory Found

With this being the final season of Teen Wolf, I knew the possibility of having flashbacks of previous moments on the show would happen. I just didn’t know when it would happen. However, I knew whenever it would happen, it would hit me hard in the feels… and boy was I right! Instead of recapping […]

Teen Wolf Ghosted Malia Tate Lydia Martin Scott McCall

Teen Wolf ‘Ghosted’ Recap: What the heck happened?!

I was very excited for Teen Wolf‘s return, especially since Cody Christian was coming back to reprise his role as Theo Raeken. However, “Ghosted” gave us a few answers, but left us completely confused and asking more questions, which isn’t what I expected or wanted from its return. After last week’s episode, Scott, Lydia, and […]

Teen Wolf Parasomnia Theo Raeken

Teen Wolf “Parasomnia” Recap: Should we trust Theo Raeken?

The news of Cody Christian (Pretty Little Liars) joining the cast of Teen Wolf as Theo Raeken raised some questions for the fans. The fans were given very little information about his character such as he used to be friends with Scott and Stiles in fourth grade and he also happens to be a beta. […]