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The Good Wife, “Shiny Objects” Review

I want to begin where “Shiny Objects” ended: on that new, iconic shot of Alicia, confident in red, standing in front of a podium and announcing her campaign to run as State’s Attorney, Peter behind her on stage. It was contrasted from the image from the Pilot, with Alicia (and her horrid bangs) timidly standing behind […]

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The Good Wife “Outside the Bubble” review – This show, you guys. And, also, Christine Baranski.

The Good Wife is firing on all cylinders right now and is blowing me away with how good it is. Sorry, other TV shows, but The Good Wife is just so brilliant and probably my favorite show currently on the air. No joke. Tonight’s episode was such a treat. Any show going into its fifth […]

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The Good Wife Season 3 Review – Let’s Talk About The Ladies, Shall We?

I don’t get why The Good Wife hasn’t reached the same caliber of acclaim that Mad Men or Breaking Bad has. The show is just as cunning and well written as the other two shows, and definitely just as smart. Most of the characters in The Good Wife are morally corrupt and grey, but what […]

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The Good Wife Season 2 Review – I really love this show

The Good Wife season 2 has been my favorite so far. Some very strong cases of the week, a nice political campaign, and, if you can believe it, even more character development. We pick up right where we left off: With Alicia’s decision. Eli makes it for her as he pushes her into Peter’s arms […]

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The Good Wife Season 1 Review – A very fine character study

Many of you probably don’t watch The Good Wife. Heck, you probably don’t watch anything on CBS, right? Well, I’m here to plead with you to watch The Good Wife. I just finished season one and devoured it in a matter of days. I will be reviewing all four seasons before the fifth season premieres […]