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Chicago P.D. – “A Night Owl” Recap

Have you ever wondered what your college professor’s life is like or if he or she is living a secret double life? Well, that’s what this week’s episode of Chicago P.D. digs into. “A Night Owl” allows us see what happens when a college professor gets caught up in that secret life and gets into […]

Chicago P.D. 2×09, “Called In Dead”

I’ve put off this recap in hopes of coming to terms with the midseason finale’s ending, but it never happened. I’m going to apologize in advance if I come across like a whiny child for the duration of this recap. Chicago P.D. is twisty-turny, intense and action-packed by default, but the show’s midseason finale was […]

Chicago P.D. 2×08, “Assignment of the Year”

Chicago P.D. has been on a three week break- which I think I’d be more upset about if they’d left off on a stronger episode than “Assignment of the Year.” It’s not that the episode was a bad one, but it was more unfortunate circumstances than anything else. The episode was one-dimensional in that it […]

Chicago P.D. 2×07, “They’ll Have to Go Through Me”

By the end of Crossover Week’s final episode, I felt like I’d been sucked up by a tornado and spit out. The crossover built up and eventually came to an intense end that left us all emotional and feelsy. To quote Mean Girls: It. Was. Awesome. Allow me to sum up the preceding Law & […]

Chicago Fire 3×07, “Nobody Touches Anything”

Yes, I am one entire episode behind on my Chicago Fire recaps, but I’m going to say what we’re all thinking: Crossover Week was far more epic than any of us could have imagined. So much more epic that none of us can even recall what happened in the preceding episode. Alas, I am going […]

Chicago Fire 3×05- Ruzey, Eskimo brothers & #AngryCasey

Oh man, I can’t wait to see Gabby get stuck on that wa- oh, I blinked, and now the scene is over. She’s not on the wall anymore. Another week, another misleading preview where what looks like it will take half the episode takes fifteen seconds. Unlike last week, however, this week’s Chicago Fire was […]

Chicago Fire 3×04, “Apologies are Dangerous”

This week’s Chicago Fire was so scatterbrained that I am experiencing sympathy scatterbrainedness trying to describe it. There was good action, but there was also not so good action that still has me a bit puzzled. As you can tell, I’m so puzzled that I’m not even really sure how to open this recap. The […]

Chicago P.D.- 2×03: “The Weigh Station”

Right when I thought things couldn’t get anymore action-packed, this episode happened. Fresh off last week’s cliffhanger, episode 2×03 picked up right where 2×02 left off. The episode was even more Halstead-centric than its predecessor, but that’s a positive as Jesse Lee Soffer’s performances have been fantastic. A small touch that I loved was that the episode began […]

Chicago Fire 3×03- The crash, and other stuff.

What I love about Chicago Fire is the “family” element of the show: how no matter what happens, they have always got each others’ backs. With that said, however, I’m not sure that I’d like to live in the world where Chicago Fire takes place- or at least work at Firehouse 51. Why? Because SO […]

Chicago P.D., 2×02- About that bounty, Halstead…

They always say that you should never compare your children, but the characters of Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire populate the same world, so I’m going to make an exception. This week’s Chicago P.D. was much like it’s sibling show in that it was a relatively calm episode preceding what looks to be a doozy […]