Chicago Fire 3×21, “We Called Her Jellybean”

Guys, I cannot rewatch the crossover. I’ve tried. I’ve fired up the DVR, I’ve pulled up the episodes on my computer, but I just can’t do it. It’s too painful. Where the previous two crossovers went for action, last week’s went for emotion- and I’m not talking overwhelming happiness, skittles and unicorns. I’m talking gut-wrenching […]

Chicago P.D. 2×15, “What Puts You on That Ledge”

I’m behind again, and I picked the WRONG two episodes to be behind on. They were GOOOOOOOD. What did we miss? Antonio gettin’ his hookup on with a former colleague from Vice; Linstead being super flirty and adorable; This Burzek scene, this amazeballs Burzek scene, and this really cute Burzek scene. That last one was added […]

Chicago P.D. 2×13, “A Little Devil Complex”

I’m behind again, yes, so let me sum up the two episodes I’ve missed: LINSTEAD FINALLY HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!! Enough celebration GIFs. Let’s just watch the scene that matters. Over and over and over again. AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Okay, I’m done with the GIF’s, but seriously, how perfect was that makeout scene? I’m happy to report that everything is […]

Chicago P.D. 2×10, “Shouldn’t Have Been Alone”

After a brief hiatus that drove most of us zany (IS BURGESS ALIVE?!!? IS LINDSAY REALLY LEAVING?!!?), Chicago P.D. returned this week with quite a bang. Every week, I think Chicago P.D. cannot get any more action-packed, but then the next week happens and I’m left speechless and not knowing where to start. The  winter […]

Chicago P.D. 2×09, “Called In Dead”

I’ve put off this recap in hopes of coming to terms with the midseason finale’s ending, but it never happened. I’m going to apologize in advance if I come across like a whiny child for the duration of this recap. Chicago P.D. is twisty-turny, intense and action-packed by default, but the show’s midseason finale was […]

Chicago P.D. 2×08, “Assignment of the Year”

Chicago P.D. has been on a three week break- which I think I’d be more upset about if they’d left off on a stronger episode than “Assignment of the Year.” It’s not that the episode was a bad one, but it was more unfortunate circumstances than anything else. The episode was one-dimensional in that it […]

Chicago P.D. 2×07, “They’ll Have to Go Through Me”

By the end of Crossover Week’s final episode, I felt like I’d been sucked up by a tornado and spit out. The crossover built up and eventually came to an intense end that left us all emotional and feelsy. To quote Mean Girls: It. Was. Awesome. Allow me to sum up the preceding Law & […]

Chicago P.D. 2×06, “Prison Ball”

I know I’ve been cranking out the Chicago P.D. recaps lately, but I wanted to get caught up before this week’s annual crossover. Last week’s episode saw the team go undercover in an attempt to solve the brutal murder of a ten-year-old girl. The team pulled out all the stops and gave us a fantastic episode that saw […]

Chicago P.D. 2×05- “An Honest Woman”

Who in the world is stupid enough to go after Voight? The above question was never a burning concern of mine because I figured in this Chicago Fire/Chicago P.D. universe, the only one dumb enough to try and take him on is Lieutenant Casey (Casey had every reason to, but it was still an uphill […]