Chicago P.D. - 3x20 - voight

Chicago P.D. – 3×20 – “In a Duffel Bag” Recap

What would you do if you found a baby presumably frozen to death in a duffel bag on your morning walk? Your heart would probably shatter as anger washed over your body in wanting to capture whomever did such a cruel act. That’s exactly how Voight felt when he unzipped the abandoned bag after being […]

cpd - 3x19 - olinsky

Chicago P.D. – 3×19 – “If We Were Normal” Recap

Some people would give absolutely anything to have a child, especially when they are unable to have one themselves. However, some people just take it too far… at least in the movies they do. That’s what the latest episode of Chicago P.D. touches on a little bit. Although, I think this guy has a more […]

Chicago P.D. - 3x18 still

Chicago P.D. – 3×18 – “Kasual With A K” Recap

It is sad when there have to be such things as secret battered women’s shelters because they’re scared for their lives of their abusers. It’s even more sad that most of the abusers seem to get off with just some jail time and a slap on the wrist. But I’m not here to get into […]

cpd - 3x17 - halstead terry

Chicago P.D. – 3×17 – “Forty-Caliber Bread Crumb”

In a very Jay Halstead-centric episode of Chicago P.D., we see the pitfalls of his side-job in being security for a pot shop. I’m not talking about a drug bust or anything like that, but rather a burglary that turns into a murder case. When Halstead’s friend and partner gets killed, it hits him hard, […]

CPD - 3x16

Chicago P.D. – 3×16 – “The Cases That Need to be Solved”

Sometimes television brings us episodes that hit home dealing with real life situations and hot topics. Chicago P.D. hits real life topics on a weekly basis, but this week’s episode appropriately titled, “The Cases That Need to be Solved,” came with the power of the sad realities of gang violence, mistaken identity, and innocent victimization. […]

cpd - 315 - sobriety checkpoint

Chicago P.D. – “A Night Owl” Recap

Have you ever wondered what your college professor’s life is like or if he or she is living a secret double life? Well, that’s what this week’s episode of Chicago P.D. digs into. “A Night Owl” allows us see what happens when a college professor gets caught up in that secret life and gets into […]

Sophia Bush Mariska Hargitay - CPD/SVU crossover

Killer Manhunt: SVU – Chicago P.D. Crossover

There is just something about crossovers that are just so captivating. Maybe it is the way that fandoms come together to watch their favorite characters interact, or maybe it is how writers manage to write one epic story line with two (sometimes three) shows. Who knows? All I know is that I never fail to […]