Wisdom of the Crowd Pilot Review: A New Take on Crime Solving Shows

Synopsis Wisdom of the Crowd is a drama about a visionary tech innovator who creates a cutting-edge crowdsourcing app to solve his daughter’s murder, and revolutionize crime solving in the process. Inspired by the notion that a million minds are better than one, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Jeffrey Tanner, develops “Sophe,” an online platform for publicly […]


Man with a Plan: Pilot Review

We all know and love Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani on FRIENDS. He was charming, hilarious, and fiercely loyal to his friends. Joey and Chandler are ultimate friendship goals, am I right? Well, we may not have anything but FRIENDS reruns to get us by, but now CBS has given us Man with A Plan. […]

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What were Netflix and Apple thinking?

  A few months ago, I wrote a piece on the tv trends I didn’t understand. I realized that beyond these trends, I also don’t get some of the decisions made by streaming providers (Netflix/Appple/Amazon/Hulu) and traditional tv networks (CBS, PBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, etc) in in how they bring movie/tv content to consumers. As […]

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The Good Wife, “Shiny Objects” Review

I want to begin where “Shiny Objects” ended: on that new, iconic shot of Alicia, confident in red, standing in front of a podium and announcing her campaign to run as State’s Attorney, Peter behind her on stage. It was contrasted from the image from the Pilot, with Alicia (and her horrid bangs) timidly standing behind […]

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The Good Wife, “Dear God” Review

The Good Wife loves its unreliable narrators. Last season’s memorable “The Decision Tree” and many other episodes played with memory: the way it distorts in our minds after we’ve lived with it for a while, the way it is colored and shaped by who we’ve become after that memory. Unreliable narrators, it could be said, […]

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The Good Wife Season 4 Review: Don’t Cross Alicia Florrick Ever

For three years we’ve watched Alicia shed her good wife image and become her true self. Season four is all about Alicia’s growth and independence and setting out to really get what she wants. If anything, Alicia is a contradiction — torn between her own desires and the desires thrust upon her. For a short […]

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The Good Wife Season 2 Review – I really love this show

The Good Wife season 2 has been my favorite so far. Some very strong cases of the week, a nice political campaign, and, if you can believe it, even more character development. We pick up right where we left off: With Alicia’s decision. Eli makes it for her as he pushes her into Peter’s arms […]

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The Good Wife Season 1 Review – A very fine character study

Many of you probably don’t watch The Good Wife. Heck, you probably don’t watch anything on CBS, right? Well, I’m here to plead with you to watch The Good Wife. I just finished season one and devoured it in a matter of days. I will be reviewing all four seasons before the fifth season premieres […]

Under The Dome Review: “Outbreak” – Why so many questions, show?!

Last night’s Under The Dome was better, but man is this show a mess. Absolutely zero of my questions have been answered, and every episode there are more and more questions I have. In “Outbreak” the writers decided to pull out the old trope of adding a contagious virus which threatens to kill everyone, and […]

48th Academy of Country Music Awards Predictions

The day before Valentine’s Day the nominees for the 48th Academy of Country Music were announced and with the show just a few days away I thought I share my thoughts on the nominees and who I think should win. There’s a difference in who I want to win and who I think should win […]