Gilmore Girls TV watching

Too many shows to watch? Tips on how to catch-up

I have an embarrassing confession to make. I haven’t watched the TV shows the whole country is united in discussing. Game of Thrones, nope. Mad Men, nope. Breaking Bad- ha ha, no way.  This is a shocking revelation for someone who prides herself in being a TV nerd. How could someone who’s spent most of her […]


Things We Love – July Edition

Things We Love is a place for the contributors of Really Late Reviews to let you know what we’ve been enjoying in pop culture this month. From vampire web series to Hollywood podcasts to Netflix’s original programming, Things We Love is a way to discover some new gems and re-discover some old favorites.

Call The Midwife: “Concussed/Nonplussed”

I’ve finally gotten a chance to watch the latest PBS import, the six-episode BBC costume drama, Call the Midwife. Set in 1957, we meet a group of midwives living in a convent. Only a few are nuns, though. We are quickly introduced to newcomer Jenny Lee (Jessica Raine) as we follow her around and are introduced to […]